#1625 Society of Extreme Wealth and its Discontents: Tax avoidance, wealth inequality and the detrimental effects felt by us all

Air Date: 5-1-2024

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The past, present, and future of tackling the uselessness of extreme wealth by exposing and closing tax avoidance loopholes and pushing for a culture change to embrace the need for a more equal society.

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Ch. 1: What Happens When You Tax Billionaires at 90 Percent? - The Hartmann Report - Air Date 6-3-23

We did it before, and the result was the creation of the world’s first and largest middle class and a level of peace and prosperity that held its own until Ronald Reagan took a meat-axe to it…

Ch. 2: #TaxBillionaires w/ Robert Reich, Sen. Ron Wyden, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, and more - Americans for Tax Fairness - Air Date 4 -18-22

If you think school teachers shouldn't pay a higher tax rate than billionaires, join us to learn how you can join in on the fight to #TaxBillionaires!

Ch. 3: Wealth Tax Part 1 - Pullback - Air Date 4-11-23

Should we be taxing Scrooge-McDuck wealth? Can we? We talk with friend of the pod Fariya Mohiuddin, a Senior Program Officer with the International Budget Partnership's Tax Equity Program, and our favourite tax justice researcher and activist.

Ch. 4: No One Should Have More Than 10 Million Pounds | Ash Sarkar meets Ingrid Robeyns - Novara Media - Air Date 2-4-24

If you're serious about alleviating poverty, as most liberals claim to be, should there be a cap on how wealthy one person can be?

Ch. 5: Why Are Taxes So High? - Garys Economics - Air Date 3-10-24

Taxes are set to reach all-time highs. But if this is the case, why is the government so bankrupt? And why are public services collapsing? In this video, I explain why.

Ch. 6: What if We Actually Taxed the Rich? - Robert Reich - Air Date 4-1-21

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich breaks down seven ways to tax the rich and raise trillions in revenue.


Ch. 7: The Big Lie Billionaires Want You To Believe - The Majority Report - Air Date 3-25-24

Professor Robeyns tackles the role of wealth inequality in creating an inequality division between capital and labor, allowing the former to dictate the rules of the latter, and parses through what solutions are needed

Ch. 8: Wealth Tax Part 2 - Pullback - Air Date 4-11-23


Ch. 9: Responding to protesters threatening to not vote for Biden - Nick from California


Ch. 12: Final comments on anger and irrationality in war and politics

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Description: A protester holds a sign that says “Tax the Rich”

Credit: “We have a right to the city. Tax the rich. by dignidadrebelde, Flickr | License: CC BY 2.0 | Changes: Cropped


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