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You’ve reached the activism portion of today’s show. Now that you’re informed and angry, here’s what you can do about it. Today’s activism: Tell Your Senator to Make Refugees Welcome & Support The International Rescue Committee.

As we said in last week’s activism "Oppose the American SAFE Act of 2015” — which was part of the start of our coverage of the Paris attacks, the political fall-out in this country, and the refugee crisis — congress and many of our republican governors are attempting to turn their backs on people seeking political asylum during a time of war. If you haven’t, definitely go back and sign the letter from The Nation and use to let your reps know how you feel.

If signing a letter and sending a few tweets — or even making a few phone calls — left you somewhat unsatisfied as the villainizing of refugees as a potential “foreign terrorist threat” has continued unabated, today’s activism is for you. The International Rescue Committee is a non-profit founded at the request of Albert Eistein, who was himself a refugee. Their mission is: “to respond to the world’s worst humanitarian crises & help people to survive, recover, and gain control of their future.”

At the IRC site — — you can donate and sign their petition "Tell your Senator to Make #RefugeesWelcome” which asks congress to support Syrian and Iraqi refugee resettlement. Also through their homepage or by going directly to you can choose a specific gift to send to a refugee — select from items like blankets, temporary shelters, light, emergency medical supplies and more.

Not that we should need a direct tie to a cause to feel compassion and want to help, but certainly if you need one, the refugee crisis in Syria and the surrounding area is a situation the US is at least partially responsible for. We have a humanitarian obligation to do what we can to alleviating the suffering we had a hand in creating.


SIGN: "Tell your Senator to Make #RefugeesWelcome: Ask Congress to Support Syrian and Iraqi Refugee Resettlement & Stand for Welcome”

DONATE: Make a lifesaving gift that supports refugee families caught in the world’s most urgent humanitarian crisis.

GIVE A GIFT: RESCUE GIFTS: Symbolic Gifts. Real Rescue.

Additional Activism/Resources:

LIKE & FOLLOW: the International Rescue Committee (IRC) on Facebook and on Twitter

RETWEET: "FACT. Entering the US as a refugee is by far the most difficult and complex of all routes in. #RefugeesWelcome” from IRC: International Rescue Committee

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Sources/further reading:

Stay up on the latest via the “Refugee Crisis” page at IRC: International Rescue Committee

"Texas official threatens to sue aid group helping Syrian refugees relocate” at The Guardian

"White House promises governors more transparency on Syrian refugees” at USA Today

"Male Refugees Deserve Asylum, Too” at The Establishment

Hear the segment in context:

Episode #972 "Classic American Xenophobia (Refugee Crisis)"

Written by BOTL social media/activism director Katie Klabusich

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