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Amount raised: $
GOAL: $15,000.00

Help Best of the Left reach our fundraising goal, thereby helping the entire progressive media community! Our aim is to grow the audience of all of the independent, progressive media shows you know and love!

Exciting note: Contributions of $100 or more can be made in installments for as little as $50/month!

Our primary focus is to amplify the best progressive news, commentary and activism opportunities and so we're taking steps to make it as easy as possible for listeners new and old to find and share great progressive media. We've been hard at work building a website that makes it easy to share your favorite show segments and activism opportunities. Our Activism Czar and Social Media Maven, Katie Klabusich, has been tirelessly producing segments for the show and also getting the good word out online. Now it's time to bring the show up-to-date with a new smartphone app. 

Imagine a single, free smartphone application that would give the user immediate, direct access to all of the progressive media outlets you know and love - a one-stop shop to listen to these shows, watch their YouTube videos, even link to their donation pages, and more! Maybe you're happy with the system you already use to listen to your favorite shows, but think about the friend of yours you've tried to convince to listen to a political podcast - it can be a hard sell to the uninitiated but with a click of a button, you could share this app with them, making it easier than ever to recruit dedicated new listeners to these important programs.

I know all that sounds great and exciting, but it also probably sounds expensive. Websites don't build themselves, Katie doesn't work for free and the price to build a smartphone app took me so by surprise that I was struck dumb for a moment or two when I heard it. I'm confident, however, that with your help (and the allure of some pretty cool donor perks) we can reach our goal and make these plans a reality and keep them running for a long time to come. Click through on any of the donation levels for all the details of the perks you'll receive!

One last thing as long as I have your attention and you're thinking about supporting the show. If you haven't already done so, bookmark this link to Amazon in your browser to use the next time you shop. Even if you rarely shop at Amazon (good for you!), every little bit really does help and this is an easy way to support the show without costing you a dime.

As long as you start your shopping session here, about 8% of what you spend will be donated to Best of the Left. Here's the link:

Thanks so much for your support!