#1418 The morality test of the COVID age (Vaccine Distribution)

Air Date: 5–22-2021

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Today we take a look at the global struggle to acquire and distribute sufficient doses of vaccine in an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not going as well as one might hope.

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Ch. 1: Pandemic Immunoprivilege - In The Thick - Air Date 4-27-21

Ranna Ayyub writes for Time Magazine about the COVID-19 crisis in India and the Prime Minister’s failure to lead during this second wave.

Ch. 2: We're Torn Apart: Inside India's Worsening COVID Nightmare - The Mother Jones Podcast - Air Date 5-12-21

Dean Baker, a senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, joined host Jamilah King on the podcast to talk about the impact this decision could have on bringing the pandemic to an end.

Ch. 3: Filipino Activist Walden Bello Global Vaccine Disparity Shows Irrationality of Global Capitalism - Democracy Now! - Air Date 5-5-21

The international disparity in vaccine access between rich and low-income countries highlights “the irrationality of global capitalism,” says acclaimed Filipino scholar and activist Walden Bello.

Ch. 4: Media Ramps Up Vaccine Patent Propaganda Production - The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder - Air Date 5-8-21

Refuting the hollow arguments made by the likes of Bloomberg News against waiving the vaccine patents.

Ch. 5: #VaxLive is a PR Scam So Those Causing Vaccine Inequity Can Pose as Saviors of Global Poor - Citations Needed - Air Date 4-30-21

We breakdown the anti-TRIPS waiver corporate and ideological forces behind the seemingly good-hearted #VaxLive concert on May 8th.

Ch. 6: Covid Vaccines - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Air Date 5-3-21

John Oliver explains why some people don’t want to get the Covid-19 vaccine and how they might be reassured.


Ch. 7: James Love on Bill Gates & Vaccine Politics - CounterSpin - Air Date 5-7-21

How we navigate that has to do with media’s elevation of “experts” like Bill Gates raise serious questions about why we allow billionaires to set policy on something as important as public health. We talk about that with James Love.

Ch. 8: #VaxLive is a PR Scam So Those Causing Vaccine Inequity Can Pose as Saviors of Global Poor Part 2 - Citations Needed - Air Date 4-30-21

Ch. 9: Pandemic Immunoprivilege Part 2 - In The Thick - Air Date 4-27-21


Ch. 10: Disney IP and copyright law - Nick From California


Ch. 12: Final comments on our recent bonus episode about surveillance capitalism

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