#1311 Our Culture and Our Economy are Making Us Depressed

Air Date: 10–15-2019

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Today we take a look at the literally depressing truth about our economy, our work and the culture that surrounds it. We work too hard to be perfect, we don't get enough time off, many of us don't have enough control over the work we do and too many know their jobs are completely worthless.

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Ch. 1: How the Economy Is Damaging Our Mental Health with Becki Winson, Hana Riaz and Annie Quick - Weekly Economics Podcast - Air Date 2-4-19

One in eight young people have a mental health problem. One big problem is access to treatment. Mental health services are underfunded, leaving many people stuck on waiting lists.

Ch. 2: From Stigma to Oppression - Off-Kilter with Rebecca Vallas - Air Date 5-31-19

Mental Illness is very common in the US, from burnout to anxiety to depression to suicide, and our systems don't support proper care.

Ch. 3: Neoliberalism Is Creating a Mental Health Crisis - @Thom_Hartmann - Air Date 02-08-18

Neoliberalism, the belief that markets are democratic and that what works for them, works for all parts of society, isn't working for working people. Neoliberalism is creating a mental health crisis in America and around the world!

Ch. 4: David Graeber Bullshit Jobs - Novara Media with James Butler - Air Date 2-1-19

David Graeber discusses neoliberalism, bullshit jobs, capitalism and the value of labor.

Ch. 5: On Bullshit Jobs with David Graeber - This Is Hell - Air Date 5-14-18

David Graeber and Chuck discuss bullshit jobs, financial feudalism, the ruling class and human instinct.

Ch. 6: Uncovering the Causes of Depression with Johann Hari - The Majority Report - Air Date 3-19-19

The biological makeup of humans has not changed for many centuries, but depression, anxiety and addiction are on the rise. Sam and Johann discuss.

Ch. 7: Why You Are Depressed and Anxious with Johann Hari - TED Talks Daily - Air Date 9-18-19

Johann Hair discusses the causes of rising depression and anxiety because of the modern capitalist neoliberal world.


Ch. 8: Final comments wrapping up

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