#1616 The Party of Putin and the Propaganda Leading the GOP to Trump and the US to Russian-Style Autocracy

Air Date: 3-15-2024

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Republicans have been trending toward Putin fandom for more than a decade but with each passing year the stakes get higher, the propaganda gets more brazen, and what they're willing to support gets more grotesque.

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Ch. 1: Chris Wallace DESTROYS former colleague Tucker Carlson - Bryan Tyler Cohen - Air Date 2-10-24

Ch. 2: Trump voters tell NBC Reporter that ‘Russia is not our enemy’ - MSNBC - Air Date 2-27-24

Vaughn Hillard discusses meeting with Trump voters who have started to echo the rhetoric from Putin and Russia when it comes to that country’s war on Ukraine and how the base of the MAGA movement has leaned into authoritarian rhetoric.

Ch. 3: American Patriots Support... Vladimir Putin - On the Media - Air Date 3-4-22

Casey Michel joins to discuss why white nationalists like David Duke, Richard Spencer, and Matthew Heimbach have long since looked to Putin's Russia as inspiration for their far-right movements in this country

Ch. 4: The Dark and Destructive Vision of Putin's GOP - The Hartmann Report - Air Date 2-27-24

Author and reporter Heidi Siegmund Cuda has the dirt that ties Mike Johnson to President Putin. Does Mr Johnson want to follow Russia's example and become an authoritarian pseudo-theocracy?

Ch. 5: Former CIA Director explains how Russia is using 'Republican lawmakers as tools’ - MSNBC - Air Date 2-25-24

Former CIA Director John Brennan joins The Weekend to discuss the FBI informant charged with lying to investigators about President Biden and Hunter Biden.

Ch. 6: With each new election cycle, Republicans accept Russian help with greater ease - The Rachel Maddow Show - Air Date 2-26-24

Ch. 7: From Russia With...The Left; Beware of Kremlin propaganda on Ukraine - The BradCast - Air Date 2-26-24


Ch. 8: Trump Backers Kill Navalny - Gaslit Nation - Air Date 2-20-24

Andrea and Terrell Starr of the Black Diplomats Podcast and Substack discuss the assassination of Navalny and the work ahead to build a meaningful opposition.


Ch. 9: Final comments on the global view of autocratic propaganda

MUSIC (Blue Dot Sessions)


Description: Protestors in a major city at night hold up cutouts of Putin’s head and Trump’s head. Large cutouts of open hands are on either side of Trump.

Credit: “2I4A7393” by rob walsh, Flickr | License: Public Domain | Changes: Cropped

Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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