#1554 Destroying Education and Democracy for Fun and Profit

Air Date: 4–19-2023

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Today, we take a look at the history and present of the interconnected movements to privatize education and dismantle democracy.

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Ch. 1: Segrenomics: The Long History of Cashing In On Unequal Education - Have You Heard - Air Date 1-3-18

Education reform is often referred to as the "civil rights issue of our time." But what would have happened if "edupreneurs" had used their money, influence, connections and access to solve the riddle of why we can't integrate schools?

Ch. 2: Democracy and Public Education: A Future in Peril - Have You Heard - Air Date 8-12-21

Why are the same states that are rolling back democracy also intent on dismantling public education? We assembled an all-star cast to get some answers.

Ch. 3: The Hidden Agenda of Privatization with Jessica Piper (pt.1) - Teach Me, Teacher - Air Date 10-31-21

Jessica Piper, a previous middle and high school English teacher and now candidate for Missouri state representative, believes there's a far bigger agenda behind the outrage we are currently hearing about.

Ch. 4: Betsy DeVos Is Still Making Moves to Destroy Public Schools - The New Abnormal - Air Date 4-1-23

Betsy DeVos is no longer wreaking havoc as former President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education, but even without the title, the Republican donor is still actively making moves to “destroy” the public school system.

Ch. 5: The Surprising History Behind Charter Schools - WBUR - Air Date 11-4-16

Today, teachers' unions are among the fiercest opponents of charter schools in the United States. The fact that a legendary union president was maybe the key champion of the idea tells you how much things have changed in 30 years.

Ch. 6: The Segrenomics of American Education w/ Dr. Noliwe Rooks - Human Restoration Project - Air Date 2-11-23

Because it is so well researched and presented, Cutting School: The Segrenomics of American Education, is a frustrating read. To tell the story of privatization, segregation, & the end of public education requires a massive cast.

Ch. 7: The War on Public Education Is Escalating – with Jennifer Berkshire - Is This Democracy - Air Date 3-16-23

We are in the midst of an escalating rightwing assault on public education in America. It comes in the form of an attempted authoritarian takeover of schools and universities, in hundreds of bills establishing state censorship, banning books, ect.

Ch. 8: Diane Ravitch on Pandemic School Privatization - CounterSpin - Air Date 5-22-20

We talk with Diane Ravitch about the latest scheme for rich folks to decide what's best for schools their children don't attend.

Ch. 9: Racism-High-Stakes Disaster Education | Dr. Ricardo Rosa - TEDxCCSU - Air Date 11-24-15

Dr. Rosa is a member of Save Our Schools, United Opt-Out and the Badass Teachers Association. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, an activist, writer, and researcher.


Ch. 10: The Secret Power of Homeschoolers - VICE NEWS - Air Date 10-12-22

VICE News investigates why families are opting out, and what happens to the institution of public school when people abandon it.


Ch. 11: Thanks for the Rowling episode - VoicedMailer Roland

Ch. 12: Regarding Puberty Blockers - VoicedMailer J

Ch. 13: Thoughts on the J.K. Rowling episode - VoicedMailer Boris

Ch. 14: Something to add to the JK Rowling episode - VoicedMailer Daniel

Presentation: Is Sex Binary?


Ch. 15: Final comments on responses to the trans rights and authoritarianism episode

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