#1499 Everyone Knew The Lie Was A Lie (January 6th Insurrection Hearings)

Air Date: 6–25-2022

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Today we take a look at some of the takeaways from the hearings investigating the January 6th insurrection. Most notably: they knew, they knew, they knew, they knew from the very beginning that their fraud claims were nonsense and they pushed ahead anyway.

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Ch. 1: The Jan. 6 Insurrection Understanding The Big Picture Part 1 - Fresh Air - Air Date 6-9-22

New York Times Congressional reporter Luke Broadwater says the effort to overturn the 2020 election results was a "sprawling and diffuse" one that involved local governments as well as White House insiders.

Ch. 2: January 6th Goes Primetime Part 1 - Straight White American Jesus - Air Date 6-10-22

Brad is joined by guest co-host Dr. Leah Payne. They begin by discussing the first primetime hearing of the J6 Select Committee. They then focus on Tucker Carlson's response to hearings.

Ch. 3: Special coverage of House J6 Hearing, Day 3 Part 1 - The BradCast - Air Date 6-16-22

RANDALL D. ELIASON, and HEATHER DIGBY offer important insights into today's hearing, which was focused on Donald Trump's corrupt pressure campaign to induce former Vice President Mike Pence to violate his oath to the Constitution

Ch. 4: The Jan. 6 Insurrection Understanding The Big Picture Part 2 - Fresh Air - Air Date 6-9-22

Ch. 5: January 6th Goes Primetime Part 2 - Straight White American Jesus - Air Date 6-10-22

Ch. 6: Special coverage of House J6 Hearing, Day 3 Part 2 - The BradCast - Air Date 6-16-22

Ch. 7: Jan. 6 Hearings Point Finger at Donald Trump. But Federal Prosecutors Haven't Gone That Far. - The Intercept - Air Date 6-15-22

This week on Intercepted, investigative reporter Trevor Aaronson is joined by Margot Williams, research editor for The Intercept, and Michael Loadenthal, founder and executive director of the Prosecution Project.

Ch. 8: Generals Warn America's Democracy Is in Danger From the Inside - Thom Hartmann Program - Air Date 6-23-22

These retired Generals fought to defend Democracy abroad, now they are warning that America's Democracy needs to be defended from threats inside the country.

Ch. 9: Guess Which Republican Congressmembers Sought Pardons After Trying to Help Trump Subvert Vote - Democracy Now - Air Date 6-24-22

Six Republican members of Congress who supported Donald Trump's lies sought broad presidential pardons for their involvement in the campaign to discredit the election results


Ch. 10: Top Arizona Republican Testifies He Rejected Trump Plot to Overturn Vote, Then Faced Violent Threats - Democracy Now! - Air Date 6-22-22

Republican Speaker of the Arizona House "Rusty" Bowers described how he was pushed by Trump, John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani to call the Arizona Legislature back into session to investigate claimed illegal votes.


Ch. 11: Final comments on turning anger into election action


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Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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Description: The logo of the House January 6th Commission sits on a background image of the interior ceiling of the U.S. Capitol dome. The logo is a white illustration of the U.S. Capitol dome and below it are the words "Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol".

Credit: January6th.house.gov

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