#1488 Seeking Approval from the GOP Fringe is Making Them Mainstream

Air Date: 5–7-2022

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Today we take a look at the jockeying for position that is happening among GOP politicians, both incumbents and hopefuls, in this murky Trump/post-Trump political era in which the path to victory for Republicans is to support Trump unquestioningly while also keeping an eye on the long game for which one should attempt to out-Trump Trump to gain the support of his cultish masses.

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Ch. 1: Local Republicans compromising voting systems in pursuit of Trump's Big Lie - The Rachel Maddow Show - Air Date 4-29-22

GOP politicians who formerly rejected QAnon and Trumpism are now joining the choir in pursuit of power

Ch. 2: Will Trump help Ohio's Vance Advance (w/ Tom LoBianco and Kyle Kondik) - Skullduggery - Air Date 4-25-22

Next month starts a wave of primaries in Ohio, Georgia, and Pennsylvania that will provide the strongest clues yet on just how much of a hold on Republican voters that Trump still has.

Ch. 3: Greg Abbott's Border Shutdown Backfires Spectacularly - The Majority Report - Air Date 4-16-22

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has effectively shut down the US/Mexico border in his state. He did this in the name of stopping the flow of drugs and migrants into the US, but really it was a theatrical stunt to appeal to the far-right.

Ch. 4: The Trump Variants Part 1 - Some More News - Air Date 11-9-21

Here's a video about Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Green, and Matt Gaetz and how they all want to be the next Donald Trump.

Ch. 5: The Fight Between Florida and Disney - The Takeaway - Air Date 4-25-22

We speak with Carlos Ball, law professor at Rutgers University, and Nadine Smith, executive director of Equality Florida, about how what’s happening with Disney connects to other recent examples of corporations weighing in on LGBTQ issues.

Ch. 6: The Trump Variants Part 2 - Some More News - Air Date 11-9-21

How fascism starts and what happens to the masses when the authoritarian leader goes away.


Ch. 7: David Frum: It's Not DeSantis v Disney, it's DeSantis v Trump - The Bulwark Podcast - Air Date 4-27-22

DeSantis' anti-gay agenda is all about winning over the conservative entertainment wing


Ch. 8: The down side of fulfilling jobs - VoicedMail from Discord Community Member


Ch. 9: Final comments on creating workplaces that are conducive to human needs

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Description: Against a black background, an illustration of Donald Trump’s head, and one hand pointing straight ahead, hovers over the shape of the United States filled in with the American flag. Three large, illustrated coronavirus molecules float out in front of Trump, each one encompassing the image of a Republican politician. Smallest to largest: J.D. Vance (Senate nominee in Ohio), Marjorie Taylor Green (Congressperson in Georgia), and Ron DeSanits (Governor of Florida). 


Credit: Composite design by Amanda Hoffman. Image layers used include: “Trump and U.S. Image”, Images of politicians all by Gage Skidmore, Flickr and Wikimedia Commons: “J.D. Vance”, “Marjorie Taylor Greene", "Ron DeSanits” | Changes: Cropped and orange filter added


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