Will The Lakota Tribe's Black Snake Prophecy Come True? - @Thom_Hartmann

Air Date: 08-19-16

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Hear the clip in context; listen to the full episode: Protecting from the black snake (Dakota Access Pipeline)

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  • JaimeCeferino Ceferino
    commented 2016-09-18 23:34:27 -0400
    Pilamayelo Thom,
    Please continue broadcasting this inevitable disaster if this pipeline, zuzeca/black snake, goes through. It’s hard to imagine that the government of this nation knowingly aware of what is at stake here has not come forth to these arrogant greedy oil companies to stop not only thius pipeline but ALL pipelines that is bringing a threat to our lives. Not only are these pipelines a threat at Standing Rock, but it will affect the entire nation! This must come to an end and now! Leave the oil in the soil. Order the goons and thugs,the police and national guard to leave the premises of Standing Rock now! This is not a protest but a fight for our lives! Why is this evilness being allowed? 3.8 billion dollars is not worth the lives of Americans! This will affect all people not just Native People!
    Keep this in the news everyday because the media in the States reminds silent and blind to the catastrophe that is heading our way!

    Sungtokca Ho Was’te!
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