Voting Is Not Enough: Register Voters & Re-Register Purged Voters in Battleground States via @fieldteam_6

Field_Team_6_Protect_Democracy.pngAs of the publishing of this episode (Oct. 9), we have less than ONE month left until Election Day. Just 25 days.

Visit to explore our 2020 Election Action Guide, which we’re calling “Voting Is Not Enough.” Because…it’s just not.

It’s still early October and voter registration efforts are critical right now. Though the deadlines for a few states have passed, there are still many states - including key battlegrounds - where the registration window is still open.

Michigan, Arizona (extended to Oct. 23), Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado, Georgia (past), Florida (past), Pennsylvania, and more, are the targets of Field Team 6 - a west coast-based get out the vote organization that strategically partners with over 100 state and national organizations to make the most impact. With multiple phone banking and text banking events and trainings held every single day of the week, there is just no excuse to not get involved.

As we’ve mentioned before, the Field Team 6 events also include a unique opportunity to talk to purged voters in battleground states thanks to a new DNC tool. These are purged voters who are likely Democrats or Independents and are mostly younger and Black, Indigenous and people of color. The goal is to not only make these voters aware that they have been purged or labeled as “inactive”, but get them re-registered and on the rolls again with the information they need to vote.

As you know, Republicans in key battleground states have conducted massive voter roll purges this year which had a major impact on primaries that were held during the early days of the pandemic. In North Carolina alone, Field Team 6 has a list of 500,000 purged voters, so every volunteer is needed.

And remember, trying to undo this assault on voting rights is not just about the presidential election. State legislatures need to be flipped too if we want to solidify, protect and expand reproductive justice at the state level with legislation.

So, head to to check their Calendar of Events and sign up for a shift. If you’re not on the west coast, just a note that Field Team 6 lists the Pacific time first for all events, so adjust accordingly.

And finally, just a reminder that relational voting - or contacting your immediate networks to encourage them to vote - has been proven to be a wildly effective get out the vote strategy. Be sure you are reaching out to your friends and family who may be overwhelmed by being an essential worker, job loss, managing their kids remote schooling or - just everything - and offer to help guide them through the registration process or making a voting plan. Everyone could use a little help right now.

So, if making sure people are registered to vote in the most important election of our lifetime is important to you, be sure to spread the word about Register Voters & Re-Register Purged Voters in Battleground States so that others in your network can spread the word too.



Register voters & re-register purged voters in battleground states with 


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Posted October 9, 2020; Written by Best of the Left Communications Director, Amanda Hoffman

Hear the segment in the context of Best of the Left Edition #1373: Post-Roe: The Next Phase in the Fight for Reproductive Justice

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