Stop Deportations Now

BOTL segment excerpt:

A federation of unions, who typically stand with the president on policy initiatives, took action this week to stand instead with those putting themselves on the line to save their families. The group projected a 60 by 90 foot video onto the AFL-CIO building, which faces 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, to tell the statistics and human stories behind the deportations.

“We feel like the political debate about immigration has gotten old and tired, while the human dimension of the deportation crisis has unfortunately lost center stage,” said Jeff Hauser, a spokesman for the union federation.

Text “Now” to 235246 to back the union federation’s campaign and use #Not1More to tweet at your representatives, respectfully, if you would. You can find your rep’s handles, along with the rest of their information, at

You can also join with the AFL-CIO in sending solidarity to the hunger strikers at the White House. Text “Hunger” to 235246 and add your words to messages like this one: "Your work is so important. Thank you for putting your personal welfare on the line. I wish Congress could do the same. Solidarity!”

Take Action:

AFL-CIO: Stop Deportations Now, YouTube

Tweet your legislators via ContactingTheCongress.Org

More info:

Listen to the source segment for this activism at BOTL Activism: Stop Deportations Now, episode #822 "It might have something to do with race (Immigration)”

Written by BOTL social media/activism director Katie Klabusich

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