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You’ve reached today’s activism segment. Now that you’re informed and angry, here’s a reminder that certain awful things don’t go away quickly, so we have to stay vigilant and keep fighting them until we succeed. Today’s update: Reject Medicare cuts and reject TPP Fast Track.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is awful for all the reasons laid out in previous episodes as well as in today’s clips. The newly added awful republicans are trying to sneak in last minute is a special brand of mean and unnecessary: to “”offset”" a democratic party requirement that those losing their jobs to the TPP would be somewhat compensated, the GOP wants a $700 million cut to Medicare.

Think about that for a moment. These are their core constituents, supposedly. And while “repeal Obamacare!” remains their rallying cry, they’re looking to chop almost a billion dollars from the program that keeps millions of seniors hovering tentatively just above the poverty line. It’s unconscionable.

Democracy For America has a petition titled "U.S. Senate: Reject Medicare cuts and reject Fast Track” posted at their website — — as well as at Daily Kos Diaries under the “Trans Pacific Partnership” tag. The Senate is about to vote AGAIN on fast tracking this disastrous trade agreement. Dual action petitions like this one opposing both the bill in its entirety and a specific provision cover the just in case scenario that the TPP passes.

After adding your name to the DFA Action petition, take the advice from the Daily Kos poster and use to "get in touch with your Senators offices now and tell them not to support TPP in general, but especially if it uses seniors benefits to pay for it.” The only thing worse than signing away jobs and regulatory authority on almost every industry is doing it while ALSO denying medical care to the elderly.

Update: Trans Pacific Partnership!

New Action:

SIGN: "U.S. Senate: Reject Medicare cuts and reject Fast Track” from Democracy For America

h/t Daily Kos: "ALERT: DFA Warning New TPP Provision Would Cut Medicare $700 Million to Help Pay for Trade Aid”

Use to tell your senators not to support this new provision or the TPP.

Sources/additional info:

"Who’s down with TPP?: Big business wins and democracy loses as both parties lie about free trade” by Bill Curry at Salon

"The TPP Could Have Disastrous Results For The Climate, Environmental Groups Warn” by Samantha Page at ThinkProgress Climate

"A Trade Deal Read In Secret By Only A Few (Or Maybe None)” by Alisa Change at NPR Politics

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"Resisting a secret corporate takeover (Trans-Pacific Partnership)"

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Written by BOTL social media/activism director Katie Klabusich

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