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Voting rights and women’s rights are inextricably linked.

The gutting of the Voting Rights Act enabled vast voter disenfranchisement and restrictions that directly impacted the results of elections across the country, including, of course the 2016 presidential election. State by state, we saw voter suppression laws pop up wrapped in a fraudulent defense of democracy and disenfranchise the young, the old, the disabled, and minorities. And while Alabama was an example of what can happen when grassroots organizations work around-the-clock to overcome this injustice, that can’t be the new status quo. We need to address the root of the problem.

As long as voting restrictions are in place, women, especially women of color, and the critical issues impacting their lives and their families will be underrepresented. And, as we know, when policies provide more choices for women and protect their rights, society as a whole reaps the rewards.

So, with the mid terms right around the corner, we have no time to lose. We need to start critiquing candidates and calling them out for their record on voting rights now. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Let America Vote.

Let America Vote was founded by former Missouri Secretary of State, and recent congressional candidate, Jason Kander. The organization aims to answer a simple question: what if politicians were actually held publicly accountable for supporting voter suppression? 

Through online and grassroots organizing, an aggressive earned media strategy, and advertising, Let America Vote wants to play a crucial role among the existing network of organizations fighting for voting rights.

Head over to LetAmericaVote.org to get involved by signing up for updates, volunteering to knock on doors, call or email legislators, write letters to the editor, host a voting rights house party, and more. While you’re there, check out the interactive map of the U.S. that highlights each state’s current and pending voter suppression laws and tactics. You can also follow the organization on Twitter: @Let_America Vote.

So, if ensuring women’s voices are heard in every election is important to you, be sure to hit the share buttons to spread the word about Raise Women’s Voices By Fighting Voter Suppression with Let America Vote via social media so that others in your network can spread the word too.



Hold officials accountable for their voting rights record with Let America Vote 

Follow Let America Vote on Twitter: @Let_America Vote


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Posted January 26, 2018; Written by Best of the Left Communications Director, Amanda Hoffman

Hear the segment in the context of Best of the Left Edition #1160: Backlashes (#MeToo and the Women's Movement)

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