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Let’s start by agreeing that capitalism is working for like 10 guys — all billionaires. With more than 300 million people living in the United States, this doesn’t sound like a sustainable course. We need new ideas that are practical and stem from a social justice background — and we need them fast.

Luckily, the folks at the New Economy Coalition have kickstarted some ambitious work and you’re invited to join in during New Economy Week happening now through October 19th.

According to their website, this group of events happening across Canada, the US and via the internet "is an opportunity to explore what it would take to build the economy we need, one that works for people, place, and planet…We invite you to join us for online and in-person events that highlight successes, ask tough questions, and give life to the claim that another world is possible.”

If the idea of a “new economy” sounds vague, you should check out the public discussions Yes! Magazine is hosting in conjunction with the New Economy Coalition. They’re including articles, essays and chats on everything from "combating climate change without leaving anyone behind” to “expanding how we think about what’s possible" — all of which is available at

The map at the New Economy Week website will connect you to the in-person events and their “get involved” tag provides an opportunity to plan your own.

Thousands of things are being done around the world right now by everyday people to build a new kind of economy. These innovators are engaged in the work of growing co-operative and independent enterprises, democratizing and stabilizing finance through credit unions and public banks, finding new ways to share skills and goods, developing new measures for success, and inventing new ways to meet the increasing human need burdening our all too finite planet.

Join them. Become part of the solution. Just because capitalism is our only lived experience, doesn’t mean it has to be our future.


Participate one/many of the New Economy Week events in person or online and/or plan your own!

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Sources/further reading:

Listen to the Best of the Left Activism segment from February on The New Economy Coalition as featured in episode 803: "Resistance is the only hope (Capitalism)”

"New Economy Week: Topics of Conversation” at Yes! Magazine

"#MapJam 2.0 to Put the New Economy on the Map!” at

Hear the segment in context:

Episode #868 "Questioning capitalism (Economics)"

Written by BOTL social media/activism director Katie Klabusich

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