Everything feels pretty awful right now. It’s okay to feel sad, angry and give yourself a minute to breathe and take in everything that is happening. But then what?

With the Midterm Elections just four months away, we have a massively important task at hand where we can channel all of that rage and frustration and make a real impact. It’s one thing to lose the Supreme Court for a generation, but if that’s the world we’re living in then it is critical to keep the House and make advances in the Senate majority. And as more decisions get kicked back to the states, we also need to make waves in state legislatures, secretary of state races, and governorships around the country. With most primaries settled, the midterm campaigns are already underway. So, if you haven’t signed up to be a poll worker yet, do it. If you haven’t started gauging which races are most important this year, get started. If you haven’t committed to going door to door, phone banking, and volunteering for campaigns in other ways, find those campaigns now.

We’ve included some great resources below to get you on your way to going all in leading up to the Midterms….because, as we always say, voting is not enough. It’s just not.


Become a Poll/Election Worker:

Find Out How to Be A Poll Worker Where you Live (US Election Assistance Commission)


2022 Midterms Lay of the Land:

Remaining Midterm Primaries and Runoff Elections by Date (


2022 Senate Election Interactive Map (


2022 House Election Interactive Map



2022 State House Elections Map (


2022 State Senate Elections Map (


Find Races in a Target State Near You To Get Involved (SwingLeft)


Look at SwingLeft’s State-Level Target Races (gubernatorial and legislative)  (**Scroll down to see this info**)


Look at The States Project’s Targeted States




RSVP to Upcoming Virtual SwingLeft Volunteer Orientations  - Next one is June 29th!


All SwingLeft Events (Canvassing, door-to-door, virtual, etc.) - Happening NOW


Field Team 6 - Virtual and In-Person Voter Registration and more - Happening NOW


VoteRiders: Help People Get Voter IDs



Donate Strategically:


Justice Democrats 2022 Candidate Slate - Upcoming Primaries!


SwingLeft - House, Senate and States Plan


The States Project


Flip the Vote


VoteRiders: Give to Help People Get Voter IDs



Other Resources:

How to Talk About Voting with Friends/Family Who Don’t Vote


How to Talk to Your Friends About Voting



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