McCutcheon: Citizen’s United Take Two

BOTL segment excerpt:

Rich, white men rule this country. We can deny it and point out anomalies, but by and large rich, white and male is the trifecta — a winning lottery ticket to a life of ease and power. And as minorities become the majority, women and the LGBTQ community chip away at the millennia-long privilege, and equality gets chiseled into our federal and state constitutions — the Koch brothers & their ilk are doubling down on their efforts to rig the system.

As the governmental accountability nonprofit Common Cause explains on their website: If the Court sides with the plaintiff in McCutcheon v. FEC and overturns aggregate contribution limits, a single individual could spend as much as $3.6 million on a single election -- enough to buy the attention of the President and every single member of Congress.

Take Action:

Take Action on McCutcheon v FEC at the Common Cause website.

More info:

Listen to the source segment for this activism at BOTL Activism: Citizens United, Take Two, episode #811 "The affliction of wealth on people and society (Economics)”

Written by BOTL social media/activism director Katie Klabusich

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