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You’ve reached today’s activism segment. Now that you’re informed and angry, here’s a glimmer of hope to remind you that not absolutely everything is completely terrible all the time. Today’s update: Keystone XL Victory and the Road to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Keystone XL is officially dead.

Thanks to activism lead by extraordinarily brave and relentless Indigenous People across the continent and climate activists refusing to give up and willing to risk repeated arrest over several years, President Obama has announced that Keystone will not go forward. Take time to sign the Sierra Club’s #ThanksObama note — it took years, but he did finally (mostly) listen and keep the project from being completed.

Rejecting Keystone is an important step not just for the long term goals of campaigns like 350.org’s Divest From Fossil Fuels and Sierra Club’s #‎KeepItInTheGround, but as a political optics move ahead of the climate negotiations in Paris at the end of this month. It’s easier for the U.S. to ask other nations to curb their pollution in an attempt to prevent catastrophic, irreversible climate change if we are taking visible steps of our own.

As was covered just a few weeks ago on this show, international organizations like 350.org have co-organized the upcoming Global Climate March on November 28th and 29th. You can find the action in your area or help put one together — still plenty of time — by visiting 350.org/Paris.

If you are unable to march — and not everyone is, the Sierra Club has some great visibility boosting actions. At ActInParis.org as well as on the hashtag #ActInParis you can find updates on goals for the talks, check out the “Best of the Best” from commitments countries have made ahead of the talks, and read what international faith leaders are saying in support of bold action in Paris. Even if you aren’t religious, you know you have those friends and family in your networks who are swayed by the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and other recognizable figures. Frankly, even for the non-religious, it’s pretty inspiring to see unity among Buddhist, Catholic, Episcopal, Greek Orthodox, Islamic, Jewish, and Hindu leaders from around the world.

As expected there’s a social media campaign — but it has an “in the real world” twist. People who submit photos of themselves holding a sign with the #ActInParis hashtag through Twitter and/or Instagram will not only show public support for strong action at the summit, they’ll become part of a collage that’s GOING TO the summit. The Sierra Club is posting what will hopefully be a sizable pictorial display of people from around the world demanding their leaders get something real accomplished this year.

Looking ahead to next year — which is right around the corner, 350.org has actions already planned to follow up on the Paris talks; you can get all that information at 350.org/Paris.


#KeystoneXL Victory! "KEYSTONE XL VICTORY: TO WIN A FIGHT, YOU HAVE TO PICK ONE: Obama’s pipeline rejection a huge win for citizen action” via Sierra Club

Follow-up/new(ish) Action!

#ActInParis for bold climate action with Sierra Club

Snap a selfie and “go to” Paris with Sierra Club’s #ActInParis Photo Campaign

SIGN on to 350.org’s Plan Through Paris

SIGN to say #ThanksObama for rejecting #KeystoneXL!

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Written by BOTL social media/activism director Katie Klabusich

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