#1393 Opportunists, Enablers and Seditionists, the Rot at the Heart of the GOP

Air Date: 1–19-2021

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Today we take a look at the historical roots and modern manifestations of how white supremacy has turned the GOP base into Frankenstein's monster which cannot be controlled and has finally turned on its creator.

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Ch. 1: “American Abyss” Fascism Historian Tim Snyder on Trump’s Coup Attempt, Impeachment & What’s Next Part 3 - Democracy Now! - Air Date 1-13-21

As the House votes to impeach President Trump, the FBI warns there could be a repeat of the violent insurrection he encouraged on January 6, with Trump loyalists planning to hold armed protests nationwide ahead of Joe Biden·s inauguration.

Ch. 2: ACLU Responds to Events at the U.S. Capitol Part 2 - At Liberty - Air Date 1-8-21

We wanted to come together to respond to the moment: focusing on moving forward with electoral integrity and a deeper commitment to racial justice. Today you’ll hear experts from the ACLU in conversation: Monica Hopkins, Jeffrey Robinson, and Dale Ho.

Ch. 3: Confederate Offspring - Strange Days with Fernand Amandi - Air Date 1-14-21

Jared Yates Sexton & Tim Wise

Ch. 4: AOC Shares 'Close Encounter', Rips Apart GOP 'Cowards' During Livestream - The Rational National - Air Date 1-13-21

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared her 'close encounter' during the Capitol riots, and ripped apart Republican 'cowards' during an IG Live.

Ch. 5: We've Had Insurrections Before Part 2 - It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders - Air Date 1-12-21

Sam revisits this history with Jamelle Bouie, columnist at The New York Times. They explore why the path toward political unity in our time might actually be through division.

Ch. 6: The January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol - Past Present - Air Date 1-12-21

In this episode, Natalia, Niki, and Neil discuss the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Ch. 7: Debunking the Pro-Trump Economic Anxiety Myth - The Choice - Air Date 1-14-21

The Atlantic’s Adam Serwer joins Mehdi Hasan to explain why the Capitol insurrectionists are part of the tradition of painting Trump's supporters as poor and uneducated when they are anything but.

Ch. 8: Why Republicans Must Rebuke Trump's Big Lie - All In - Air Date 1-14-21

“If people like Jim Jordan really want to help, they can go on Fox News and tell people there was no election fraud, that this was a free and fair vote. And their side lost,” says Chris Hayes.


Ch. 9: Trump impeached again; Guest Former diplomat, Rep. Tom Perriello of Open Society US Part 2 - The BradCast - Air Date 1-13-21

TOM PERRIELLO, now Executive Director of the Open Society Foundation-U.S., explains how the country might be able to carve a path forward to reconciliation and healing after Trump leaves office.

Ch. 10: The Trump Riot Insurrection is NOT Only About Economic Oppression - David Pakman Show - Air Date 1-12-21

Donald Trump riotous insurrection is not merely about economic oppression and class, as some have argued over the last week.


Ch. 11: The importance of the work of this show - V from Central New York

Ch. 12: Flying the flag on January 20 - Bud from Boise

Ch. 13: Sharing the show - Rainer from Cuba


Ch. 14: Final comments introducing FDR's Second Inaugural Speech

Ch. 15: Second Inaugural Address of Franklin D. Roosevelt

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