#1380 The Coup Attempt We Saw Coming Years in Advance

Air Date: 11–13-2020

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Today we take a look at the slow-motion coup that we've known was coming since 2016. The baseless lawsuits, the absurd claims and the perpetual grift. Always the grift.

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Ch. 1: Coup Cosplay: Chris Hayes On Trump, GOP Trying To Pretend Biden Didn’t Win - All In with Chris Hayes - Air Date 11-10-20

Chris Hayes on Trump and the GOP trying to pretend Biden didn’t win: "At a certain point, if you are just trollingly pretending to be engaged in a coup, when do you cross over to actually trying for a coup?".

Ch. 2: Suppressing The Vote Didn't Work For Trump. Will Throwing Out Ballots? - Brian Lehrer Show - Air Date 11-9-20

Richard Hasen, professor of law and political science at the University of California, talks about the current Trump campaign challenges to the vote counting -- and why he's not expecting the Biden victory to be overturned in the courthouse.

Ch. 3: Steven Rosenfeld on Vote Counting - CounterSpin - Air Date 11-6-20

Corporate media headlines would have you think it’s still a legitimately tight race for president because they’re holding up Biden’s larger number of votes and delegates alongside Trump’s efforts to huff and puff and blow the House down.

Ch. 4: Check Your Blindspot - Air Date 11-13-20

America's favorite political game show that uses the Blindspot feature of Ground News to test contestants' political blindspots and media literacy.

Ch. 5: Last Grasp, Last Gasp - On the Media - Air Date 11-6-20

With Joe Biden approaching victory, Donald Trump and his political allies flooded the internet with conspiracy theories. This week, we examine the misinformation fueling right-wing demonstrations across the country with Professor John Mark Hansen.

Ch. 6: On November 14th & Beyond, Prepare to Stop a Coup in America via Refuse Fascism & Protect the Results - Activism

Take action! Click the title and/or scroll down for quick links and resources from this segment.

Ch. 7: Donald Trump's Plan to Steal the Election from Joe Biden and How We Stop Him - The Benjamin Dixon Show - Air Date 11-11-20

Donald Trump is attempting to overturn the results of the election and install himself into power overriding the will of the American people.

Ch. 8: Mass protests may need to force Trump from office - The Bugle - Air Date 11-4-20

Nato Green explains the particulars of a protest strategy that can force an unpopular government from power

Ch. 9: Trump Has CHECKED OUT as President to Attend to His Full-time Gig as a Grifter! - The Dollemore Daily - Air Date 11-12-20

Jesse discusses Donald Trump's latest scam to soak his supporters for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, all while he's effectively stopped being President of the United States


Ch. 10: The progressive spark is beginning to smoke - V from Central New York

Ch. 11: Pay to Play, the velvet rope economy - Alan from Connecticut


Ch. 12: Final comments on the Velvet Rope Economy

Bonus: The 'Velvet Rope Economy' and the virus - CNN - Air Date 3-14-20

As the virus expands worldwide, while millions are put under duress, the 1% can take advantage of their access to the 'Velvet Rope Economy.'


Protests on Sat., Nov. 14th - RefuseFascism.org

Protests Nov. 14th & Beyond - ProtecttheResults.com

10 Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup (Waging Nonviolence)


Now We Have To Fight Trump’s Tin-Pot Coup - And Biden’s Worst Instincts (The Intercept)

This is no conventional coup. Trump is paving the way for a 'virtual Confederacy' (Opinion - The Guardian)

A political scientist explains why the GOP is a threat to American democracy (Vox)

Tantrum and Theater: Trump's Desperation After Election Loss Isn't Yet a Coup (The Intercept)

The Damage of Trump’s Voter-Fraud Allegations Can’t Be Undone (The Atlantic - June 2020)

Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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