#1378 Bracing for Impact (Election 2020, #AllVotesMatter)

Air Date: 11–2-2020

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Today we brace for the election, consider what may come after it and prepare for the role we may need to play in the coming weeks.

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Ch. 1: What if a US presidential candidate refuses to concede after an election? - TED - Air Date 10-26-20

Van Jones explains why concession speech is one of the most important safeguards for democracy, exposes legal loopholes that could enable a candidate to grab power even if they lose the popular vote and the electoral college -- and what citizens can do!

Ch. 2: The American Contest - Law, justice, and the courts: Amicus With Dahlia Lithwick - Air Date 10-24-20

Dahlia Lithwick is joined by Heather Cox Richardson for a big-picture conversation about what that means: minority rule and the court’s role, past and present, in changing visions of democracy.

Ch. 3: What If Trump Doesn’t Accept The Election Results? ft. Joshua Kahn Russell - The Michael Brooks Show - Air Date 10-22-20

Joshua Kahn Russell joins us to talk about the worst case scenario: what if Trump refuses to accept the election results?

Ch. 4: Timothy Snyder Warns That as Election Day 2020 Approaches America is in The Midst of a Slow-Motion Reichstag Fire Emergency - The Truth Report w. Chauncey DeVega - Air Date 10-18-20

Timothy Snyder warns that the United States is in the midst of a years-long slow-motion Reichstag Fire emergency that Election Day 2020 may not resolve.

Ch. 5: Incredibly powerful video from Sunrise NYC featuring words from Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - Sunrise Movement

'Let this moment radicalize you’ — AOC inspires in this new ad by the @Sunrise Movement

Ch. 6: Weissmann Thinks We Could See Trump Self-Pardon If He Doesn't Win Reelection - Deadline White House - Air Date 10-9-20

Former FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann and Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold discuss new reports that reveal more on Trump’s financial situation and how they could turn into bigger legal problems for him if he becomes private citizen again.

Ch. 7: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst - Strange Days with Fernand Amandi - Air Date 10-12-20

Frank Figliuzzi and Leonard Pitts Jr.


Ch. 10: Busting myths above and below the 49th - Orrett from Vancouver, BC

Ch. 11: Blindspots on the left - Mike from Toronto


Ch. 12: Final comments on you not being more radical than Angela Davis and a new frame for coalition governments in the US



Swing Left | Field Team 6 | Sunrise MovementVote Save America Indivisible's Windivisible Campaign


How to Talk about Voting With Friends Who Don't Vote (HeadCount)

How I Convinced My Dad Not to Vote for Trump (The Cut)

Convince leftist friends to use their vote as a tool: Use Jay's final comments from episode #1365 (Transcript). (This listener tweeted it out)


6 Steps to Save the Vote (RepresentUs)

Protect the Results (Coalition)

#CountOnUs: How to Defeat Trump and Defend the Election (Sunrise Movement)

10 Things You Need to Know to Stop A Coup (Waging Nonviolence)

Curated by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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