#1353 Uprising, George Floyd was the spark that ignited the world

Air Date: 6–17-2020

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Today we take a look at the uprising sparked by the killing of George Floyd in the context of a world in which that event was just the last straw in an innumerable series of straws. 


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Ch. 1: A Decade Of Watching Black People Die - Code Switch - Air Date 5-31-20

The last few weeks have been filled with devastating news — stories about the police killing black people. At this point, these calamities feel familiar — so familiar, in fact, that their details have begun to echo each other.

Ch. 2: Tamika Mallory Nationwide Uprising Against State Violence Shows People Have Reached Breaking Point - Democracy Now - Air Date 6-4-20

Tamika Mallory: “At this point, we’re looking at a nation and a world that has decided that what we saw happen on camera … is no longer acceptable... people have taken to the streets to demand change."

Ch. 3: Trevor Speaks Out About the Murder of George Floyd - The Daily Show - Air Date 6-1-20

Trevor discusses the murders of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, the Minneapolis protests, and how racial injustice and police brutality continue to impact black Americans.

Ch. 4: Why The 2020 Anti-Racism Uprisings Feel Different - News Beat - Air Date 6-5-20

A veteran of the 1967 Newark Rebellion discusses George Floyd’s death, the culture of police brutality, and whether today's movement can produce change.

Ch. 5: Structural robbery, mass resistance with William C. Anderson - This Is Hell! - Air Date 6-4-20

Writer William C. Anderson on the real theft in capitalist society and the uprisings against it, and his article "Forget 'Looting.' Capitalism Is the Real Robbery" for Truthout.

Ch. 6: Uprisings Against Police Killings of Black People - Sojourner Truth Radio - Air Date 6-3-20

After a week of protests, the nationwide (and now worldwide) uprising against racism and police killings of Black people in response to the murder of George Floyd continues to grow.

Ch. 7: The thin blue line between looting and standard economics - The Bugle - Air Date 6-6-20

Andy, Hari and Tom react to the protests in the USA.

Ch. 8: "Get Your Knee Off Our Necks" At Memorial for George Floyd, Mourners Condemn 400 Years of Racism - Democracy now - Air Date 6-5-20

We hear the voices of Floyd’s brother Philonise and Reverend Al Sharpton, who urged those gathered “to stand up in George’s name and say, 'Get your knee off our necks!'”

Ch. 9: Protests Sweep Across the Globe - The Daily Show - Air Date 6-9-20

Americans take to the streets in historic numbers to protest police brutality, the demand for books about racism skyrockets, and meaningful police reform catches on.

Ch. 10: This Is Not a Game - In The Thick - Air Date 6-12-20

Maria and Julio get into how race and activism show up in sports - historically and in the current Black Lives Matter movement - with Howard Bryant, a senior writer for ESPN and correspondent for NPR’s Weekend Edition.

Ch. 11: NFL's Roger Goodell We Were Wrong, #BlackLivesMatter - The Young Turks - Air Date 6-5-20

NFL's commissioner has released a statement saying they were wrong to stop protests.

Ch. 12: Amanpour Knows an Uprising When She Sees One - Brian Lehrer Show - Air Date 6-9-20

CNN International anchor Christiane Amanpour has seen a lot of unrest around the globe. She says we have to see the George Floyd protests for what they are. An uprising.

Ch. 13: The Racial Justice Uprising in the U.S. is Taking Hold Overseas - The Takeaway - Air Date 6-8-20

Many foreign leaders have condemned the killing of George Floyd, but demonstrators outside of the U.S. are also attempting to call attention to racial injustice within their own borders.

Ch. 14: Protest, Pain & Hope with Karen Attiah - Stay Tuned with Preet - Air Date 6-4-20

Washington Post Global Opinions editor Karen Attiah discusses the ongoing protests sparked by police brutality, legacies of racial violence in America, and the language we use to speak about inequality.

Ch. 15: Roundtable On Police Killings & Global Resistance - Sojourner Truth Radio - Air Date 6-5-20

We look at the international response to the police killing of George Floyd. Countries are now being forced to face their own racism and the inter-relationship between racism and imperialism.

Ch. 16: #DefendBlackLives: Join the #SixNineteen (#Juneteenth) Rallies 6/19-21 Virtually, Locally or in DC via @Mvmnt4BlkLives

Ch. 17: Voices of the uprising - Sojourner Truth Radio - Air Date 6-5-20

Highlighting the voices of protesters


Join The Movement for Black Lives' SixNineteen mobilization: 6/19 (Juneteenth) through 6/21

Visit SixNineteen.com to find events near you, participate virtually, join the D.C. action, or register your own event

Text DEFEND to 90975 to get updates on #SixNineteen and future actions

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#SIXNINETEEN: Movement For Black Lives Calls For Juneteenth Actions (Essence)

An American Uprising (The New Yorker)

Black Lives Matter Chapters

What Exactly Does It Mean to Defund the Police? (The Cut, NY Magazine)

America, This is Your Chance (NY Times Op-Ed, Michelle Alexander)

Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide (Slate)

Freedom to Thrive: Reimagining Safety & Security in Our Communities (Popular Democracy)

Resources for White People to Learn and Talk About Race and Racism (Fractured Atlas)

A Letter to White People Engaged in Conversations Around the Phrase “Defund The Police” (Medium)

Louisville police release the Breonna Taylor incident report. It's virtually blank (Louisville Courier Journal)

This Is How Hard It Is to Invest in Black Neighborhoods (Bloomberg CityLabs)

Researched and Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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