#1310 At Long Last (Trump Impeachment)

Air Date: 10–4-2019

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Today we take a look at this whole impeachment kerfuffle I’ve been hearing about.

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Ch. 1: Whistleblower Complaint Shows Abuse of Office with James Risen - Democracy Now - Air Date 9-27-19

Nearly 90% of House Democrats now support impeachment. On Thursday, a declassified version of a complaint by an anonymous whistleblower was released, detailing his concerns about Trump’s July phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ch. 2: We've Got Impeachment - Intercepted with Ryan Grim - Air Date 10-2-19

James and Ryan talk about Biden's role in Ukraine and the whistleblower.

Ch. 3: How The Bidens Got Involved with Adam Entous - On The Media - Air Date 9-27-19

Interviews about the messy impeachment process and how we got here.

Ch. 4: Impeachment, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Backstory - Air Date 9-27-19

The Backstory crew discusses current and past impeachment situations.

Ch. 5: Bigly Liddle Lies - Sanity Cast with John Fugelsang - Air Date 10-1-19

John breaks down everything happening around impeachment.

Ch. 6: Impeachment Legalities with Walter Dellinger - Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick - Air Date 9-28-19

Walter and Dahlia break down what exactly is happening during the impeachment whirlwind.

Ch. 7: House Democrats Finally Catch Up with Maxine Waters - Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart - Air Date 10-1-19

Jonathan talks with Maxine Waters about the importance of impeaching Trump.

Ch. 8: Impeachment At Last with Jeet Heer - Start Making Sense - Air Date 9-29-19

Jeet Here discusses what has led to impeachment and what it will look like moving forward.

Ch. 9: Impeachment Is Good For Our Political Future with John Nichols - The Real News with Marc Steiner - Air Date 9-30-19

The Nation's national correspondent John Nichols says that history shows impeachment has changed the political future, and thinks it is part of a struggle we should not shy away from.


Ch. 10: 9-11 (ep 1308) - Alan from Connecticut

Ch. 11: Evidence-based thinking - Roger Ray from Springfield, MO


Ch. 12: Final comments on the latest news on Trump’s impeachment in limerick form


INDIVISIBLE: "Activists nationwide are joining together to make a unified demand of our representatives during the October recess (September 30-October 15): Go back to Washington, do your jobs, and take a vote to impeach Trump as soon as possible."

Find a Town Hall Event with Your Congressperson During the Congressional Recess

Demand Your Representative Support Impeaching Donald Trump


It's Time For Everyone to Join the Impeachment Fight (Crooked Media)

9 questions about the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower scandal you were too embarrassed to ask (Vox)

The whistleblower complaint, annotated (CNN)

Trump call summary shows he pressed Ukrainian president to probe Biden (CBS)

Read the Text Messages Between U.S. and Ukrainian Officials (The New York Times)

Impeach Donald Trump (The Atlantic, March 2019)

Do Americans Support Impeaching Trump? (FiveThirtyEight)

Perilous times for Trump: By 45%-38%, Americans support impeaching him over Ukraine allegations, poll finds (USA Today)

How Trump's Ukraine call could violate campaign finance laws (Associated Press)

50 Moments That Define an Improbable Presidency (The Atlantic)

Here’s why Trump’s poll numbers are defying the impeachment mess (CNBC)

Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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