#1302 Protecting the Amazon Rainforest from a Fascist

Air Date: 9–3-2019

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Today we take a look at the attacks on the Amazon rainforest and its inhabitants by the fascist government of Brazil and the protests and worldwide boycotts springing up in response

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Ch. 1: Bolsonaros Climate Change Denial and Anti-Indigenous Policies with Maria Luisa Mendonca - Democracy Now - Air Date 8-28-19

Maria Luise Mendonca lays it all out about the corruption from Bolsonaro and global corporations that has led to the amazon's destruction.

Ch. 2: Amazon In Flames with Oscar Guardiola Rivera and Daniel Willis - Tysky Sour - Novara Media - Air Date 8-28-19

Guardiola and Daniel discuss the policies behind the Amazon's destruction and Bolsonaro's capitalist imperialism.

Ch. 3: This Man Is The Greatest Threat To Human Survival On Earth - The Majority Report with Michael Brooks - Air Date 8-22-19

Michael Brooks breaks down just how messed up the burning Amazon situation is.

Ch. 4: Glenn Greenwald on the Leaked Brazil Archive Exposing Operation Car Wash - The Intercept - Air Date 6-15-19

Glenn Greenwald breaks down the corruption in Brazil and how its getting worse.

Ch. 5: Smoke From A Thousand Miles Away with Brian Mier - This Is Hell - Air Date 8-24-19

Brian Mier discusses the terror of dark skies during the middle of the day from fires a thousand miles away.

Ch. 6: Protests and Climate Change - Green News Report - Air Date 8-27-19

A summary of the protests in response to the amazon fires.

Ch. 7: Rainforest on Fire: Brazilians Mobilize Against President's Amazon Policies - The Real News - Air Date 8-28-19

There are massive fires and massive protests for the Amazon.


Ch. 10: Justice or revenge? - Alan from Connecticut

Ch. 11: Supporting independent media and getting involved - Nancy from San Francisco

Ch. 12: Capitalism and the corporate structure vs conservation of nature - V from Central New York


Ch. 13: Final comments on capitalism and the corporate structure as a cancer on nature



Participate in "Act for the Amazon" protests, Thursday, September 5th

DONATE to organizations protecting indigenous rights and the rainforest on the ground, such as Amazon Watch & Rainforest Alliance

If you eat meat, east LESS of it and BOYCOTT Brazilian beef companies (Marfrig Global Foods, JBS, and Minerva Foods) that also operate and produce beef brands in the US (Note: The US banned fresh beef imports from Brazil in 2017, but these Brazilian companies produce US beef brands too. Don't support them.) Details in activism blog post.

Commit yourself to the CLIMATE MOVEMENT: take part in the Global Climate Strike on 9/20-27th


Brazilian indigenous peoples propose boycott (The Ecologist)

Here's what you can do to help the burning, ravaged Amazon rainforest (Business Insider)

Brazilian indigenous people speak out as Amazon fires rage (PBS Newshour)

Naomi Klein: The Amazon Is on Fire—Indigenous Rights Can Help Put It Out (Common Dreams via Boston Globe)

Raoni Metukire: We, the peoples of the Amazon, are full of fear. Soon you will be too (The Guardian)

Brazilian businesses fear backlash over Amazon crisis (Financial Times)

Written & curated by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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Source: Frame from "Carbon monoxide from Amazon fires.gif," NASA


Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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