#1293 Debating Democratic Socialism and How to Get There (Repost)

Air Date: 7–30-2019

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Today we take a look at the ongoing debate about socialism between socialists and non-socialists alike, including discussion of tactical strategies on where to set our goals and how to get from here to there

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Ch. 1: John Nichols on Bernie and Socialism - Start Making Sense - Air Date 6-19-19

Bernie Sanders gave an important speech on socialism last week, and our John Nichols spoke with him about it -- beforehand.

Ch. 2: Astra Taylor on Socialism, Democracy and Liberalism - Jacobin Radio The Dig with Daniel Denvir - Air Date 7-5-19

Socialism has grown a lot because of demonization. The Left has a war to lose - left policies are the direction of progress and the world is leaning that way - but without proper education and fighting it will take a lot longer.

Ch. 3: Democratic Socialists and President Bernie with Meagan Day - This Is Hell with Chuck Mertz - Air Date 3-13-19

In the long run, democratic socialism wants to end capitalism - to empower working people. It's not just New Deal liberals - its pushing further. Massive momentum is on the Democratic Socialist side and collective action will win.

Ch. 4: David Harvey On The Limits of Social Democracy and of the Welfare State - The Real News - Air Date 7-8-19

The main alternative to neoliberalism is the proposed renewal of social democracy, such as in the form of Bernie Sanders' proposals. But to move forward we need to discuss the limits of a welfare state that ultimately does not change class relations

Ch. 5: Why Bernie Talks About the New Deal with Seth Ackerman - Jacobin Radio - The Vast Majority with Micah Uetricht - Air Date 6-25-19

Was the New Deal socialist? Yes and no. Bernie is pointing to the central model of most democratic socialist-style governments - he points to the good policies of democratic socialism instead of strict definitions.

Ch. 6: Democratic Socialism and How We Can Get There with Richard Wolff - The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow - Air Date 6-15-19

Bernie's solutions, while admirable and helpful, are merely reforms of a fundamentally broken and contradictory system. Reforms set us up for inevitable roll-back by the powerful as we've seen since FDR.

Ch. 7: Bhaskar Sunkara on the possibilities of socialism in America - This is Hell - Air Date 5-21-19

Bhaskar Sunkara explores a path to socialism in America - as capitalism collapses and pulls politics towards the right, the promise of a worker-driven, democratic society built on equality and justice can be won by a broad, working-class movement

Ch. 8: Bernie Sanders Speech Connects Democratic Socialism with the New Deal - The Michael Brooks Show - Air Date 6-22-19

Bernie is calling out the massive power disparities in the US and what policies we can work towards - an Economic Bill of Rights.


Ch. 9: Fighting climate change means fighting capitalism - Jesse from Boston


Ch. 10: Final comments on the connection between political debates and parenting advice

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