#1274 From White Supremacy to the White Power Movement

Air Date: 5–21-2019

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Today we take a look at the recent trend of White Nationalist and White Power-related violence, the history of where it's coming from and why the US government does next to nothing to combat it.

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Ch. 1: Radical White Terrorism with Nesrine Malik - Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill - Air Date 3-20-19

Global anti-muslim and anti-immigrant hate is growing. Mainstream politicians are fueling it. The media and government are failing the people.

Ch. 2: Tim Wise on New Zealand, Violence of White Privilege - The Chauncey DeVega Show - Air Date 3-16-19

White supremacists see Trump's influence, and think he's on the right track but not doing good enough.

Ch. 3: White Domestic Terrorist Burned down Black Churches - The Breakdown with Shaun King - Air Date 4-11-19

The founding of our nation is in slavery and violence. The news doesn't get it right, and can't figure out why a white many would burn down black churches.

Ch. 4: Radical White Terrorism with Kathleen Belew - Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill - Air Date 3-20-19

Explaining the tactics and strategy of the White Power movement to attempt to overthrow the government, then the world.

Ch. 5: The Media Hiding The Truth About White Nationalism - Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp - Air Date 4-26-19

White Nationalism flourishes in our military as a recruiting ground for future white power terrorists

Ch. 6: Documenting Hate - New American Nazis - Frontline Film Audio Track - Air Date 11-26-18

White supremacist groups appeal to veterans, loners, conservatives, and they infiltrate military and police.


Ch. 7: White supremacists know the value of electing people of color - Dave from Olympia, WA

Ch. 8: Algorithms & soup cans - Alan from Connecticut

Ch. 9: Encouraging John to call in more - Alan from Connecticut

Ch. 10: To Corey from New Jersey on the destructive nature of systemic individualism - Abdul from DC


Ch. 11: Final comments on why there’s no contradiction for some racists to have voted for Obama before switching to Trump

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