#1266 Writing human bias into the code that runs our lives (Algorithms)

Air Date: 4–19-2019

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Today we take a look at the racism, sexism and classism that is permeating the algorithmic systems that are directing more and more of our online and offline lives

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Ch. 1: Algorithm Overlords - Analysis - Air Date 1-24-19

Algorithms filter us, perpetuate biases and can be used for good. The problem is humans program these algorithms and don't take our own biases into account.

Ch. 2: Misogyny and Racism in Algorithms - Inflection Point - Air Date 11-7-18

Dr. Safiya Noble joins to discuss Google and the problem with an advertising company in charge of how most of us get information.

Ch. 3: Dr. Cathy O'Neil: The algorithms that run (or ruin) our lives - Le Show - Air Date 11-26-17

Credit Reports are highly imperfect but still manage to be far superior to the absolutely lawless algorithms that affect our lives in an untold number of ways.

Ch. 4: Why algorithms that make decisions of freedom and incarceration are racist - You are not so smart - Air Date 11-19-17

Algorithms may not only be designed with bias from the beginning but when faulty assumptions lead to self-fulfilling predictions it can create an out-of-control feedback loop of oppression.

Ch. 5: Stop Algorithmic Bias: Turn Two Frameworks into Fair and Just Federal Privacy Law - Best of the Left Activism

Take action! Click the title and/or scroll down for quick links and resources from this segment.

Ch. 6: Google Reproduces Social Inequality - Chauncey DeVega Show - Air Date 9-10-18

Computer programs aren't seeing or supporting black and brown lives. Big tech is the new colonialism, devastating countries and people.


Ch. 7: Continuing our conversation about health care - Heather from Texas


Ch. 8: Final comments on reforming health care responsibly


Tell Congress to Create a Just & Fair Federal Privacy Law using:

Learn more:


AI can be sexist and racist — it’s time to make it fair (Nature)

Discriminating algorithms: 5 times AI showed prejudice (NewScientist)

Yes, artificial intelligence can be racist (Vox)

Even Kids Can Understand That Algorithms Can Be Biased (Scientific American, Roots of Unity Blog)

Artificial Intelligence Has a Problem With Gender and Racial Bias. Here’s How to Solve It (Time)

A.I. Could Worsen Health Disparities (NY Times)

What Women Know About the Internet (NY Times)

Researched & Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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