#1264 Protesting neoliberalism the only way they could think to (Brexit)

Air Date: 4–12-2019

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Today we take a look at everything there is to know about Brexit, Lexit, Remain and Reform, the Irish question, The Troubles, the neoliberalism of the EU and the senses of local and national identity in an age of globalism

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Ch. 1: What's Happening With Brexit? - NowThis - Air Date 3-29-19

Brexit Day was supposed to be today. So WTF happened?!

Ch. 2: This Is Where I Leave EU, thinking about Brexit from a leftist perspective - Chapo Trap House - Air Date 3-15-19

Amber interviews economist and author Costas Lapavitsas about the European Union, how it works, its problems, how it relates to Brexit, and how we might think of it from a leftist perspective.

Ch. 3: U.K. in Crisis Facing No Deal, Parliament Votes on Brexit After Rejecting May’s Plan for Third Time - Democracy Now - Air Date 4-1-19

We speak with professor Priya Gopal, a university lecturer in the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge. She calls Britain's decision to leave the EU a “deeply neoliberal … free market, disaster-capitalist project.”

Ch. 4: Understanding the mechanics and underhanded dealing of the Leave campaign - Ideas from CBC - Air Date 2-21-19

Brexit threatens Britain's economic and social order. Everywhere, populism is winning big. The question is why?

Ch. 5: Ireland, North and South - The Inquiry - Air Date 12-5-18

Explaining the potential impacts of Brexit on the hard-won peace between Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK, and the country of Ireland

Ch. 6: Irish Questions - Analysis - Air Date 2-25-19

Voters and politicians in Britain claim to be perplexed that economic and political relations between the UK and the Republic of Ireland seem to be decisive in determining the course of Brexit. They shouldn’t be, argues Edward Stourton.

Ch. 7: Richard Seymour: A Brexit tour of British politics - This is hell - Air Date 2-12-19

Writer Richard Seymour surveys what remains of Labour under Brexit's combustible, nationalist unity project. Richard is the author of the essay "Brexit and the "white working class" posted at his Patreon page.

Ch. 8: Lexit vs Remain and Reform - Weekly Economics Podcast - Air Date 1-14-19

Grace Blakeley and Laurie Macfarlane debate whether there still a progressive case for leaving the EU? Was there ever one? Or is our best chance to stay in the EU and reform it? Can it even be reformed?

Ch. 9: Brexit: What the f**k is going on? - Jonathan Pie - Air Date 3-22-19

By taking back control the UK has shown that it's out of control.

Ch. 10: Fear, identity and a sense of home in the face of immigration - Ideas from CBC - Air Date 2-21-19

Brexit threatens Britain's economic and social order. Everywhere, populism is winning big. The question is why?

Ch. 11: Trump, Brexit, and Racial Grievance with Mehdi Hasan - Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes - Air Date 8-28-18

British journalist Mehdi Hasan talks about the role of racial grievances from the US to the UK


Ch. 12: Final comments on how Scotland fits in to all of this

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