#1263 Worker protections help (almost) everyone (Labor Rights)

Air Date: 4–9-2019

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Today we take a look at the overwhelming benefits to society of labor, health and safety regulations and how they only people who don't come out ahead are those who have to pay for them

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Ch. 1: Do Regulations Kill Growth? - Pitchfork Economics - Air Date 2-5-19

Deregulation is the status quo, and it always drags the economy down by creating a race to the bottom and arguments against regulation always end up looking absurd in retrospect

Ch. 2: We are all low wage workers with Annelise Orleck - This Is Hell! - Air Date 3-27-18

The rise of neoliberalism has disregarded workers rights by design. Walking off the job together has the power to change.

Ch. 3: Katy Slininger on labor discrimination against pregnant workers - Delete Your Account - Air Date 2-5-19

Katy on stories of misogyny in the workplace, the hatred that comes out when a worker becomes pregnant, and the life-threatening risks of working while pregnant in unsafe environments.

Ch. 4: Robert Reich on the societal benefits of regulatory protections - Pitchfork Economics - Air Date 2-5-19

Deregulations cause death spirals in business. Robert Reich joins to talk about the myth of deregulation and the free market. Average Americans pay a huge price for the myth.

Ch. 5: Stop Big Tech from Destroying Labor Rights with “Marketplace Platform” Laws: #YesonAB5 & #WorkplaceDemocracyAct - Best of the Left Activism

Take action! Click the title and/or scroll down for quick links and resources from this segment.

Ch. 6: Jane McAlevey on what radicals can do in support of the labor movement - The Dig by Jacobin Radio - Air Date 3-27-19

So what should we do? Learn, organize, fight. Work towards unions, build better unions, build skills and keep working.

Ch. 7: Why is Getting Out of Poverty So Hard? With Felicia Wong - Pitchfork Economics - Air Date 3-19-19

Poverty is a cancer and social services are bandaids. We need sweeping legislative change to tackle poverty properly.


Ch. 8: Debating health care with a libertarian - Heather from Texas


Ch. 9: Final comments explaining the historical accident of our current health care system and the need to break the bone in order to reset it


1. Support California's Assembly Bill 5 & Encourage Passage in Your State

- Read the bill & join the conversation online via #YesonAB5

- Call & write your state legislatures 

- Get involved with your local labor organizations 

2. Support the Workplace Democracy Act (Sanders/Pocan)

- Read the summary of the 2017-2018 version of the bill

- Call your members of congress at (202) 224-3121

- Spread the word

3. More Info on Big Tech Lobbying: Uberinterference: Uber & Lyft Running Over Local Democracy


Rights at Risk: Gig Companies Campaign to Upend Employment As We Know It (National Employment Law Project)

Advancing Workers Rights In Contract Employment (National Employment Law Project)

Marketplace Platforms and Employers Under State Law - Why We Should Reject Corporate Solutions and Support Worker-Led Innovation (National Employment Law Project)

The Con of The Side Hustle (NY Times)

How Silicon Valley Lobbyists Secretly Pushed Texas Regulators to Rewrite the Rules of the Gig Economy (Texas Observer)

Texas rule limiting worker benefits in gig economy would hurt local businesses, owners say (Houston Chronicle)

Post-Dynamex, California Legislature Takes Up the Worker Classification Question (OnLabor.org)

A Line in the Sand (Workplace Democracy Act) (Jacobin)

Freelancers Want to Join Unions but Labor Laws Won't Let Them (Teen Vogue)

Researched & written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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