#1208 Collective power through solidarity (Unions)

Air Date: 9–7-2018
Today we take a look at several of the ways that average people benefit from collective action including unionization, class action lawsuits and politically attuned investing of pooled pension funds. Plus, making the obvious case for why the Democratic Party needs to get wholeheartedly on board with policies that unwaveringly support working people and empower collectivism.

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Ch. 1: The case for unions - The Brian Lehrer Show - Air Date 6-25-18

Jane McAlevey, labor and environmental organizer, argues that progressives need more of the hard work of organizing mass movements to be effective and talks about recent labor actions in Las Vegas and by red-state teachers.

Ch. 2: Thomas Neuburger on how unions show another angle of the political split on the left - Bradcast from @TheBradBlog - Air Date 8-17-18

Speaking with Angie Coiro, Thomas Neuburg analyzes the relationship between unions and liberals, and how the Democrats fit into the picture.

Ch. 3: Roy Houseman Unions Fight Back! (Arbitration) - @TZHRJ - Air Date 05-30-18

Roy Houseman explains the recent ruling on forced arbitration and the effect it will have on workers.

Ch. 4: Labor's last weapon against capital is its own capital - @ThisIsHellRadio - Air Date 5-22-18

Law professor David Webber explains how labor can wield capital against capital. David is author of “The Rise of the Working-Class Shareholder: Labor’s Last Best Weapon” from Harvard University Press.

Ch. 5: Shaun Richman on rights and rebellions - Belabored (@DissentMag) - Air Date 2-23-18

Facing a legislative onslaught, the labor movement must rediscover its fighting spirit—and find ways to turn the GOP attack to its own advantage.

Ch. 6: Explaining the power of unions to counterbalance the dangerous excesses of capitalism - @tmbsfm with @_michaelbrooks - Air Date 8-7-18

Michael Brooks breaks down the viral wildcat strike video and what we will need to do build union power in the US.



Ch. 7: Please explain single-payer health care - Jennifer from Columbus, OH


Ch. 8: Final comments explaining how single payer works in broad strokes and bonus clips from a Canadian doctor and many average Canadian citizens explaining the Canadian health care system


Bonus Clips: 

Dr. Danielle Martin Defending Single Payer Health Care - Women's College Hospital - Air Date 10-3-17

Real Canadians Talking Real Healthcare



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RI Voter Info from Rock the Vote

Governor: Matt Brown 

Lt. Governor: Aaron Regunberg 

SEPT. 13th - NEW YORK (State Office Primaries)

Governor: Cynthia Nixon 

Everything you need to know about New York’s primary election (Curbed NY)


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