#1016 Trump and those who surround him (Fascism Watch)

Air Date: 05-27-2016

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Today we take a look at the Trump campaign’s building trend toward fascism and white supremacy based on his actions and those of the people he keeps around him

Show Notes

Ch. 1: Opening Theme: A Fond Farewell - From a Basement On the Hill

Ch. 2: Act 1: One of the major problems with governing people - Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Ch. 3: Song 1: Hitchhikers Guide Theme Song

Ch. 4: Act 2: Ignoring the signs of creeping fascism - CounterSpin (@FAIRmediawatch) - Air Date 4-1-16

Ch. 5: Song 2: Here Comes The Wave (instrumental) - Silence Is Sexy

Ch. 6: Act 3: The ONE Trait That Predicts Who Supports Trump - The @DavidPakmanShow - Air Date: 01-22-16

Ch. 7: Song 3: Question Authority - Fran Archer

Ch. 8: Act 4: Donald Trump's Top Foreign Adviser, Joseph Schmitz, is a Former Blackwater Executive - @DemocracyNow - Air Date: 03-25-16

Ch. 9: Song 4: Crusader - Saxon

Ch. 10: Act 5: Heidi Beirich from @SPLCenter on White Supremacy and the Trump campaign Part 1 - CounterSpin (@FAIRmediawatch) - Air Date 3-4-16

Ch. 11: Song 5: A Dose of White Supremacy - Neffe Odom Kragh-Muller

Ch. 12: Act 6: Kathleen Frydl (@kfrydl): Sorry folks, it's fascism - @HumorlessQueers - Air Date 3-26-16

Ch. 13: Song 6: Call It Even - Scott Simons

Ch. 14: Act 7: Democrats Beware: You Don't Want Trump as President! - @Thom_Hartmann - Air Date: 05-05-16

Ch. 15: Song 7: Consequences - The Robert Cray Band & The Memphis Horns

Ch. 16: Act 8: Trump's List of Supreme Court Picks Is an Utter Disaster - @DavidPakmanShow - Air Date: 05-19-16

Ch. 17: Song 8: Worlds Apart (feat. Kerli) - Seven Lions

Ch. 18: Act 9: Trump Ally’s Not So Subtle Threats - @theyoungturks - Air Date: 04-23-16

Ch. 19: Song 9: All You Fascists - Billy Bragg & Wilco

Ch. 20: Act 10: How Not To Normalize Trump - On the Media - Air Date: 5-13-16

Ch. 21: Song 10: Tomorrow Never Knows - Alison Mosshart & Carla Azar

Ch. 22: Act 11: Elizabeth Warren has Some Thoughts of Donald Trump - @Thom_Hartmann - Air Date: 05-05-16


Ch. 23: Resisting the urge to buy - Eammon from La Habra, California

Ch. 24: Remember the landfill - Zach from Atlanta

Voicemail Music: Loud Pipes - Classics

Ch. 25: Final comments on third-party voting as a prisoner's dilemma game theory problem

Closing Music: Here We Are - Everyone's in Everyone

Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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Showing 3 reactions

  • Matthew Brabbin
    commented 2016-05-31 12:23:01 -0400
    Really excellent episode, lots of clips I’d want to share. Honestly I kinda wish you broke the final thoughts segment out into its own thing as well because your comparison of our broken 2-party electoral process to the prisoner’s dilemma is right on the money. It perfectly encapsulates why I can’t spot the “Bernie or bust” movement. Nothing’s going to change until we have an electoral system that allows for viable third-party candidate, and right now voting for Clinton in November is still the best of two bad options. The Democratic party sucks, but if we’re going to change the system, it’s going to have to be through them. Hopefully Sanders’ unprecedented success for a socialist candidate means a progressive movement will continue to grow, gain momentum, and put pressure on Clinton to do the right things, or put up a good primary challenger in 2020 if necessary.
  • Jay Tomlinson
    commented 2016-05-28 14:23:00 -0400
    Awesome, thanks Tim!
  • Tim Eggenberger
    commented 2016-05-28 08:30:22 -0400
    Hi Jay, i’ve always loved your music selection, but when i heard ‘Crusader’ (lol, whoa, flashbacks) i knew it was time to finally make a contribution.
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