#1630 Unrivaled Global Arms Dealer: Officially and Illegally Exporting the US Gun Culture Around the World

Air Date: 5-21-2024

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Whether by the US government playing matchmaker for the domestic weapons industry or through the illegal trade of the 'iron river,' the US is the leading seller of weapons around the world, fueling violence and conflict, oppression, and rights abuses.

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FP 1: US Leads Global Arms Sales - American Prestige - Air Date 3-15-24

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On the problems with looking for good or bad intentions

(1:08:24) SECTION A: 

A1: Inside Biden's Secret Arms Deal - Deconstructed - Air Date 9-22-23

A2: Josh Paul Reveals The Truth Behind US Arms Supply to Israel - Laura Flanders and Friends - Air Date 11-7-23

(1:30:10) SECTION B: 

B1: Can Mexico win its battle with US gun companies? Part 2 - The Inquiry - Air Date 3-7-24

B2: Ieva Jusionyte, "Exit Wounds: How America's Guns Fuel Violence Across the Border" (U California Press, 2024) - New Books Network - Air Date 4-15-24 

(1:42:43) SECTION C: 

C1: Why America's police look like soldiers - Vox - Air Date 6-25-20

C2: Why US gun laws get looser after mass shootings - Vox - Air Date 7-28-22

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Description: A square version of the American flag with silhouettes of guns and bombs in place of white stars. Three bombs are falling from the pattern across the red and white stripes.

Credit: Pixabay image modified by A.Hoffman


Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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