#1602 What Happens in Israel and Gaza Doesn't Stay in Israel and Gaza

Air Date: 1-5-2024

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As the war in Gaza drags on, accusations of genocide by Israel have been filed by South Africa at the International Court of Justice and we are reminded that the tactics and technology that Israel develops and tests against Palestinians are sold around the world.

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Introduction: In Gaza and Israel, side with the child over the gun

Ch. 1: Israels Push to Expel Residents of Gaza - Democracy Now! - Air Date 1-3-24

Dutch Palestinian policy analyst Mouin Rabbani says Israel is using the Hamas attack of October 7 as a pretext to carry out its “long-standing ambition” to push Palestinians out of the Gaza Strip.

Ch. 2: South Africa Files Case Against Israel at International Court of Justice over Genocidal Gaza War - Democracy Now! - Air Date 1-2-24

"I believe South Africa will win an order against Israel to cease and desist from committing all acts of genocide against the Palestinians," says Francis Boyle, an international human rights lawyer

Ch. 3: A Conversation on the Horrors in Gaza with Jeremy Scahill and Sharif Abdel Kouddous - The Intercept - Air Date 12-20-23

Intercept co-founder Jeremy Scahill and journalist Sharif Abdel Kouddous discuss the U.S. role in Israel’s scorched-earth campaign to annihilate Gaza.

Ch. 4: Disease In Gaza - Up First - Air Date 12-28-23

The World Health Organization warns that disease could kill more people in Gaza than the bombings, if living conditions and health care systems do not improve.

Ch. 5: Gaza, Solidarity, and the Movement for Palestinian Liberation - Making Contact - Air Date 11-29-23

Today, we uncover the military corporations profiting from the war, and highlight the activism in every corner of the world in support of Palestine.

Ch. 6: Gaza is a weapons lab for the arms industry w/ Antony Loewenstein - The Chris Hedges Report - Air Date 12-8-23

Antony Loewenstein, journalist and author of The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation Around the World, joins The Chris Hedges Report for a deep dive.

Ch. 7: Gaza, Solidarity, and the Movement for Palestinian Liberation Part 2 - Making Contact - Air Date 11-29-23


Ch. 8: Gaza is a weapons lab for the arms industry w/ Antony Loewenstein Part 2 - The Chris Hedges Report - Air Date 12-8-23

Ch. 9: Christian Zionism - Ralph Nader Radio Hour - Air Date 12-30-23

Ralph welcomes Rev. Dr. Donald Wagner, National Program Director of Friends of Sabeel—North America, to discuss the ongoing violence in Palestine, the influence that Christian Zionists have on America's Israel policy, and more.


Ch. 12: Final comments on the impacts of the antisemitism that is felt by the Jewish diaspora in the wake of the Hamas attack and war in Gaza

Articles referenced:

California lawmakers ‘pull the fire alarm’ on antisemitism

Anti-Defamation League staff decry ‘dishonest’ campaign against Israel critics

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Description: Black and white photo of a woman at a protest in the city. She stares straight into the camera while holding a cardboard sign that reads "Bombing refugee camps, hospitals, ambulances, children is not self defence."

Credit: "Bombing Refugee camps, Hospitals, Ambulances, Children - is not self defence" by Alisdare Hickson, Flickr | License: CC BY SA 2.0 | Changes: Cropped, increased contrast


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