#1584 Israel's Political Upheaval, Supreme Court Power Struggle, US Support, and the Normalization of Apartheid

Air Date: 9–24-2023

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Israel's politics have been upended by the return of Netanyahu as Prime Minister, put in office with the help of extremely far-right factions who have now pushed through reforms to the Israeli Supreme Court that fundamentally undermine their democracy. All this while they were already a farce of a democracy due to the maintenance of an apartheid-like system of differing rules applying to different residents based on ethnicity.

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Ch. 1: The U.S. should not reward Israel’s bad behavior - Velshi - Air Date 9-3-23

Israel’s internal politics has been upended, with indicted Prime Minister Netanyahu returning to office and, in a situation echoing American politics, trying to use his power and influence to remain in power to avoid prosecution.

Ch. 2: Haggai Matar & Gideon Levy - Israel's Fight over Judicial Changes Ignores Occupation & Apartheid Part 1 - Democracy Now! - Air Date 7-25-23

We speak with two Israeli journalists in Tel Aviv after lawmakers in Israel passed a highly contested bill Monday weakening the power of the Supreme Court by preventing it from blocking government decisions it deems unreasonable.

Ch. 3: Protests in Israel: The Rights Further Consolidation of Power - Intercepted - Air Date 7-26-23

Jeremy Scahill and Murtaza Hussain are joined by Mairav Zonszein, an Israeli American journalist and a senior analyst on Israel-Palestine at the International Crisis Group.

Ch. 4: Congress Melts Down Over Israel Again - Deconstructed - Air Date 7-21-23

The House overwhelmingly passed a resolution on Tuesday pledging "the United States will always be a staunch partner and supporter of Israel” and that Israel is “not a racist or apartheid state.” Guest Beth Miller

Ch. 5: Protests in Israel: The Rights Further Consolidation of Power Part 2 - Intercepted - Air Date 7-26-23

Ch. 6: Palestinian Attorney Noura Erakat: The U.S. Is Normalizing Apartheid by Hosting Israel's President - Democracy Now! - Air Date 7-18-23

The visits from Israeli leadership are an attempt to "normalize apartheid," says Palestinian human rights attorney Noura Erakat, who compares today's U.S. support of Israel to the nation's support for South African apartheid.

Ch. 7: The Palestine Laboratory Antony Loewenstein on How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation - Democracy Now! - Air Date 6-23-23

We speak with journalist and author Antony Loewenstein about his new book, The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation Around the World.


Ch. 8: The Palestine Laboratory Antony Loewenstein on How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation Part 2 - Democracy Now! - Air Date 6-23-23

Ch. 9: Protests in Israel: The Rights Further Consolidation of Power Part 3 - Intercepted - Air Date 7-26-23


Ch. 12: Final comments on the circular Supreme Court case sending Israel into a spiral of chaos

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Description: Israeli flags fly around a crowd of people standing on a sidewalk holding signs that say "Saving Israeli Democracy" and "Democracy for All" with a picture of Israeli Prime Minister Netenyahu behind bars. 

Credit: "Democracy for All" by Alisdare Hickson, Flickr | License: CC BY-SA 2.0) | Changes: Cropped


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