#1591 Broken News: Understanding traditional media and social media reporting on the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza

Air Date: 11-6-2023

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Media literacy is a basic requirement for understanding the war in Gaza, as propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation are being distributed for both ideological and financial reasons.

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Ch. 1: Breaking News Consumer's Handbook Israel-Gaza Edition - On the Media - Air Date 10-27-23

Discussing how to navigate your social media feed in the midst of the war in Gaza.

Ch. 2: Hearts, minds, and likes - Today, Explained - Air Date 10-23-23

False information about what is happening in Israel and Gaza is taking over SM faster than journalists like BBC Verify’s Shayan Sardarizadeh can check it. 

Ch. 3: US Media, Washington Rush Head First into 9-11 2.0 - Citations Needed - Air Date 10-11-23

In this public News Brief, we discuss the recent escalation in violence in "the Middle East" and the quickly forming bipartisan consensus to jam the issue into a simplistic, dehumanizing War on Terror narrative

Ch. 4: Fog of War The Media and the Israel–Palestine Conflict - Deconstructed - Air Date 10-13-23

Ryan Grim is joined by Intercept reporter Alice Speri, who has frequently reported from occupied Palestinian territory, and Palestinian American writer and political analyst Yousef Munayyer.

Ch. 5: Hate Crimes, American Media & the 'Free Palestine' Movement - NowThisNews - Air Date 11-1-23

As attacks on Gaza continue, so do violent acts in the U.S., and this researcher is breaking down our media's narratives.

Ch. 6: 12 Journalists, Mostly Palestinians in Gaza, Killed in Deadliest Time for Journalists - Democracy Now! - Air Date 10-16-23

Sherif Mansour of the Committee to Protect Journalists says it is one of the highest death tolls for journalists covering the conflict since 1992 and calls today it the "deadliest time for journalists in Gaza."

Ch. 7: Breaking News Consumer's Handbook Israel-Gaza Edition Part 2 - On the Media - Air Date 10-27-23

Ch. 8: Peter Maybarduk on Paxlovid, Maya Schenwar on Grassroots Journalism - CounterSpin - Air Date 11-27-23

The media lens—the points of view that they show us day after day, those they obscure or ridicule—affects the way we understand the world, our neighbors, and what’s politically possible. Guest Maya Schenwar, author and editor at large of Truthout.


Ch. 9: Gaza Siege and the Liberal Handwringing Industrial Complex - Citations Needed - Air Date 10-18-23

We break down the latest efforts by Democrats to support Israel's brutal bombing and collective punishment of Gaza while still looking "deeply concerned" about the logical outcomes of this bombing and collective punishment.

Ch. 10: Not in Our Name 400 Arrested at Jewish-Led Sit-in at NYC's Grand Central Demanding Gaza Ceasefire - Democracy Now! - Air Date 10-30-23

We bring you the voices of Jewish Voice for Peace and their allies who shut down the main terminal of Grand Central Station during rush hour Friday in one of New York's largest acts of civil disobedience in 20 years to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.


Ch. 11: The influence of calling Congress - Craig from Ohio


Ch. 12: Final comments on a case study in war media manipulation

Reference: Does a Photo Show 'Wonder Woman' Actor Gal Gadot Turning Up to Serve in the Israel Defense Forces? - Snopes

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Description: Composite image of an illustrated hand holding a phone with "LIVE" and "BREAKING" on the screen, along with the much-maligned initial NY Times headline "Israel Strike Kills Hundreds in Hospital, Palestinians Say". A finger is pressing an invisible button at the bottom of the screen. Many "share" arrows point out away from the phone.

Credit: Composite design by A. Hoffman. News image credit: "Gaza" by Marcin Monko, Flickr | License: CC BY 2.0 DEED | Changes: Cropped

Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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