#1601 Christian Nationalism is not Christianity, it is Fascism

Air Date: 1-2-2024

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Trump's greatest impact has been to bring the fringes of the conservative movement into the center and, by strongly courting the Evangelical Christian vote, helped accelerate the Christian Nationalist movement to merge religion with patriotism.

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Ch. 1: A Threat to Church and State - Confronting Christian Nationalism - Air Date 9-9-23

In this episode, we’ll hear from experts, authors, and theologians who will help articulate what Christian Nationalism is, what it’s not, and why it’s a a threat to both the church and democracy.

Ch. 2: How Trump Is Dividing The Evangelical Church - Fresh Air - Air Date 11-29-23

Journalist Tim Alberta grew up in a conservative, republican, evangelical church, where his father was the pastor. He wanted to know why so many evangelical Christians had become extremists, and ardent supporters of Trump.

Ch. 3: How Trump Has Transformed Evangelicals - Radio Atlantic - Air Date 12-14-23

How did evangelical Christians shift from being reluctant supporters of Trump to among his most passionate defenders? How did some evangelicals, historically suspicious of politicians, develop a “fanatical cult-like attachment” to Donald Trump?

Ch. 4: Will MAGA Mike Inflict a Religious Crusade on America? - The Hartmann Report - Air Date 11-2-23

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is closely tied to Christian groups that want to make America a theocracy. So why does he support policies that are so contrary to Christ's teachings? Plus - Handmaiden Tale Alert!

Ch. 5: Trump's "personal shortcomings" have become a bonus for evangelical Christians, says Tim Alberta - Meet the Press - Air Date 12-24-23

In an interview with Kristen Welker on Meet the Press, author and writer Tim Alberta discusses the role of white evangelical Christians in building support for Donald Trump’s presidency and the “uneasy alliance” the community established with him.

Ch. 6: The Trump movement is turning America fascist w/ Jeff Sharlet - The Chris Hedges Report - Air Date 10-27-23

Jeff Sharlet has spent two decades covering the intersection of extreme Christian nationalism and the far-right. In his new book, Undertow: Scenes from a Slow Civil War, he gives snapshots of a country rapidly devolving into a Christian fascist state.


Ch. 7: Interview with Author Elle Hardy on Christian Nationalism - The Benjamin Dixon Show - Air Date 1-19-23

Ch. 8: Trump's Escalating Racist Rhetoric & the Far-Right's Plan for a Slow Civil War - Democracy Now! - Air Date 12-21-23

As the 2024 presidential election campaign heats up, Republican front-runner Donald Trump is escalating his racist rhetoric, repeatedly saying in recent days that immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country,” drawing comparisons to Hitler.


Ch. 9: Final comments on the idolatry at the heart of Christian Nationalism

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