#1540 The Grift of Life (Scam Culture™ and the Economy it has built)

Air Date: 1–31-2023

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Today, we take a look at just some of the nearly infinite ways in which our society, culture and economy are infused from top to bottom with Scam Culture™ that is bleeding us dry both financially and mentally.

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Ch. 1: The Grift Economy: Everything is a scam, always. - Thought Slime - Air Date 11-5-21

For those that need to read this: you aren’t a capitalist. You’re capital.

Ch. 2: Power and Corruption: The Devos Family - iilluminaughtii - Air Date 1-20-23

Betsy DeVos and her family have been important figures in the business world for decades. They’re involved in a massive MLM, invest in shady businesses, and have put their money toward politics for as long as anyone can remember.

Ch. 3: Bill Black: The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One - theAnalysis.news - Air Date 5-31-21

How does a corrupt mortgage scam by brokers in California become a massive national fraud that puts the whole economy into a deep crisis? Bill Black on theAnalysis.news with Paul Jay.

Ch. 4: Why FTX’s Crypto Scam Is A Tale As Old As Time - The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast - Air Date 12-7-22

“Whatever fun name you wanna put on it, it’s the same damn thing we’ve seen over and over again.” David Dayen, Executive Editor of The American Prospect, joins us to talk through the spectacular rise and fall of crypto exchange FTX

Ch. 5: The Gig Economy Was Always A Scam - Wisecrack - Air Date 8-8-22

The gig economy has revolutionized how we think about work, but not necessarily for the better. How have a bunch of multi-billion-dollar companies like Uber or Instacart so fundamentally changed our economy?

Ch. 6: Why Spotify Will Ultimately Fail - Benn Jordan - Air Date 1-9-23

An investor's guide to breaking the thing you're trying to sell.

Ch. 7: James O'Brien caller wrote his dissertation on 'incel' culture - LBC - Air Date 1-27-23

Explaining the appeal of Andrew Tate and his accolites to young, insecure men

Ch. 8: TikToker Exposes New A.I. Scam That Is Absolutely TERRIFYING - Rebel HQ - Air Date 1-13-23

TikToker @benno56 shares his family's experience with a terrifying new A.I. voice-mimicking scam. Max Burns breaks it down.


Ch. 9: Mark Rober's Prank And The Truth About Scammers And Capitalism - Second Thought - Air Date 6-17-22

Scam call centers are just one cancerous offshoot of bureaucracy under capitalism, and while pranking these places may be cathartic, it's not enough to tackle the root cause.

Ch. 10: Is all money just a ponzi scheme? | Vicki Robin - Big Think - Air Date 7-22-18

"Money, it's a gas," wrote Pink Floyd's Roger Waters for their hit 'Money'. Author, speaker, and social innovator Vicki Robin would probably agree: she posits that most people don't understand the true, human, working value of money.


Ch. 11: Response to the Stolen Children episode


Ch. 12: Final comments on radical criticism of the true sources of Scam Culture and other ails of our society

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