#1530 The Pillars of Polarization and Persuasion

Air Date: 12–6-2022

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Today, we take a look at some of the factors driving hyper-partisanship in the US right now along with multiple arguments to not give up on the power of persuasion. 

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Ch. 1: What If We Don't Need To 'Fix' Polarization? - The NPR Politics Podcast - Air Date 3-20-21

NPR's Danielle Kurtzleben interviews Lilliana Mason, associate professor of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland, about her book Uncivil Agreement.

Ch. 2: Getting Past Polarization: Anand Giridharadas - Ideas - Air Date 11-23-22

The extremes are extreme in U.S. politics. But Anand Giridharadas and some other progressives are convinced that there are uncompromising approaches that can move up to 60 per cent of voters to value democracy and human rights.

Ch. 3: How to fix our polarized conversations (with Robb Willer) - How to Be a Better Human - Air Date 2-1-21

Is your family, community, or even your country more divided than ever? Today’s guest Robb Willer is here to share some compelling insights on how we might bridge the ideological divide and offer some intuitive advice on ways to be more persuasive.

Ch. 4: Can persuasion bridge the political divide? - Front Burner - Air Date 11-25-22

In his book, Giridharadas speaks with experts on reaching people — organizers, activists, politicians, cognitive scientists, and even a cult deprogrammer — and takes a critical look at his fellow American progressives.

Ch. 5: Why We're So Polarized - The Truth of the Matter - Air Date 10-25-21

Johns Hopkins University professor Dr. Lillianna Mason joins the podcast for a discussion of political polarization in the U.S. and how politics have become central to the identities of many Americans across racial, religious and cultural lines.


Ch. 6: An innovative polling model can move us past political polarization - The Future of Everything - Air Date 6-24-22

A Stanford professor explains how the deliberative polling model can get people to listen to one another and even compromise on some of society’s most complex policy issues.


Ch. 7: Final comments on hyper-partisanship in the ballot box

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