#1526 A History of Political Violence in the US

Air Date: 11–15-2022

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Today, we take a look at our extremely steady history of political violence from the Revolution, through the Civil War, Reconstruction and Jim Crow, into the Civil Rights era, the Militia Movement and domestic terrorism, and now to our current once-again-radicalized, right-wing movement willing to use and tacitly condone violence as a political tactic.

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Ch. 1: Capitol Attack Wasn't the 1st Violent Incident in Congress - Inside Edition - Air Date 1-20-22

According to Yale historian Joanne Freeman, “The caning of Charles Sumner, which happened in 1856, is pretty much the most famous violent incident in the US Congress.”

Ch. 2: A history of US political violence Part 1 - Americast - Air Date 11-2-22

The Americast team looks at how the attack has led to the sharing of disinformation on social media and Justin and Sarah speak to author Josh Zeitz about the history of political violence in the US.

Ch. 3: Storm of White Right Wing Violence Isn't Coming... It's Here Featuring Luke Mogelson Part 1 - Thom Hartmann Program - Air Date 9-15-22

Right-wing violence isn't just sporadic it is a war against American values. The most startling details on right-wing militias, violence, and Trump are coming from Luke Mogelson, an award-winning war reporter.

Ch. 4: Political Violence Is No Anomaly in American History - System Check - Air Date 1-8-21

Our guest and guide this week is Hasan Kwame Jeffries, associate professor of history at The Ohio State University. He reminds us that the violence we saw at the Capitol this week is not an anomaly—in fact, political violence is what birthed this nation.

Ch. 5: Today's Republicans were made in the 1990s - The Gray Area with Sean Illing - Air Date 11-7-22

Sean Ililing talks with author Nicole Hemmer, who shows how the GOP became what it is today

Ch. 6: Storm of White Right Wing Violence Isn't Coming... It's Here Featuring Luke Mogelson Part 2 - Thom Hartmann Program - Air Date 9-15-22

Ch. 7: Some Democrats call on McCarthy to resign after comment 'hard not to hit' Pelosi with speaker's gavel - ABC News - Air Date 8-2-21

An aide to McCarthy said "he was obviously joking" without commenting further.

Ch. 8: Paul Pelosi attacked with hammer in his home - ABC News - Air Date 10-29-22

Officials say the suspect was targeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Ch. 9: A history of US political violence Part 2 - Americast - Air Date 11-2-22

Ch. 10: Political Violence - In the Thick - Air Date 11-4-22

“The political violence in our nation’s history is organized and purposeful. It is normalized by rhetoric that justifies it, and often encourages it,” writes Jeremi Suri on the attack on Paul Pelosi, in this piece for Time Magazine.


Ch. 11: Today's Republicans were made in the 1990s Part 2 - The Gray Area with Sean Illing - Air Date 11-7-22


Ch. 12: Not just winning, defeating - V from Central New York


Ch. 12: Final comments on the bipartisan uses of Rules for Radicals

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Show Image:

Description: A newspaper cartoon/drawing of Senator Sumner being beaten on the floor of the Senate with a cane by Sen. Preston Brooks in 1856.

Credit: “Southern Chivalry - Argument vs. Clubs by J.L. Magee, 1856 | Public Domain


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