#1515 Set the Sun on the British Empire (Queen Elizabeth II)

Air Date: 9–21-2022

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Today, we take a look at the history and legacy of British imperialism and slavery through the lens of the divergent views on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the growing movement of former colonies to achieve full independence. 

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Ch. 1: Why Must Everyone Mourn The Queen’s Passing? | Between The Scenes - The Daily Show - Air Date 9-17-22

You can't expect people to show respect for something that never respected them. #BetweenTheScenes on the mixed reaction to the Queen’s death.

Ch. 2: "Racism Is as British as a Cup of Tea": Kehinde Andrews Says Many Black Brits Don't Mourn the Queen - Democracy Now - Air Date 9-19-22

Kehinde Andrews describes the brutal legacy of the British slave trade and the British Empire, which makes the monarchy a symbol of white supremacy that should not be mourned, but rather abolished.

Ch. 3: The royal family: Slavery, colonialism and race - Sky News - Air Date 6-23-22

In the Caribbean, some people are calling for the Queen to be removed as head of state, and for the royal family to pay reparations for their role in slavery.

Ch. 4: Julius Malema Tells Africans Why They Shouldn't Mourn Queen Elizabeth II - African Diaspora News Channel - Air Date 9-14-22

Wongel Zelalem reports on Julius Malema telling Africans to not mourn Queen Elizabeth II.

Ch. 5: Jeff Bezos DRAGGED On Twitter For Criticising Uju Anya's Queen Elizabeth Tweet - Roland Martin Unfiltered - Air Date 9-11-22

Breaking down the legacy of British colonialism through the lens of controversy over online reactions

Ch. 6: Slavery, Colonisation and the Crown - TRT World

In 2022, Britain celebrated 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s rule with street parties and festivities. But many critics say that the British monarchy should not be celebrated because of its legacy of slavery, looting and colonialism.

Ch. 7: Who needs the monarchy? - It's Been a Minute - Air Date 8-16-22

Guest host Elise Hu talks to Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, lawyer, activist and author of This Is Why I Resist about this new era for the British royals, the power they hold and the potential opportunities for the new monarch.


Ch. 8: Dismantle the Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth's Death Prompts Reckoning with Colonial Past in Africa - Democracy Now! - Air Date 9-12-22

"There's a degree of psychosis that you can go to another people's land, colonize them, and then expect them to honor you at the same time," says Kenyan American author Mukoma Wa Ngugi. We also speak with Harvard historian Caroline Elkins.


Ch. 9: Final comments

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Description: An old postage stamp depicts a 3-mast schooner ship on the water and an airplane above it with a young Queen Elizabeth II to the right wearing a crown and a crown symbol over her head. The text at the edges reads “JAMAICA” “West Indies” “2d Postal Centenary, 1860-1960”.

Credit: “Jamaica Postal Centenaryby Bill Smith, Flickr | License: CC by 2.0 | Changes: Cropped and added pieces of image to top and bottom of stamp.


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