MIDTERMS MINUTE 2022: The Rest of the Toss Up House Races

Welcome to the Midterms Minute 2022!

Today’s focus is on the remaining toss-up House race.

The rating information below is based on Cook Political Report House ratings as of October 4th, 2022.

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HOUSE TOSS-UPs (Democrat Incumbents): 

CT-05 - Hayes

IL-17 Open - Sorenson

IN-01 - Mrvan

ME-02 - Golden

MI-07 - Slotkin

MN-02 - Craig

NH-01 - Pappas

NV-01 - Titus

NV-03 - Lee

OR-05 Open - Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Moved to "Toss-Up" from Leaning D - OR-06 New seat - 

PA-08 - Cartwright

PA-17 Open - 

RI-02 Open -

VA-02 - Luria 

VA-07 - Spanberger 

WA-08 - Schrier 


HOUSE TOSS-UPs (Republican Incumbents): 

AZ-01 - Schweikert

CO-08 New Seat -

NC-13 Open -

NE-02 - Bacon

NM-02 - Herrell

TX-34 Merged Seat -


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