MIDTERMS MINUTE 2022: Defending State Governor and Secretary of State Races from Anti-democracy MAGA Extremists

Welcome to the Midterms Minute 2022!

Today’s focus is on how to defend State Governor and Secretary of State races from anti-democracy MAGA extremists.

Short on time? 1) Support Democrats in key state Secretary of State races with one donation to MoveOn.org's "America for All" midterm election campaign. 2) Support Democrats in key Governor races with one donation to the SwingLeft Governor Fund. 3) Help Democrats in key state legislative races with one donation to the SwingLeft Legislative Fund


According to the Washington Post, 291 Republican election deniers are on the ballot this fall, with 171 where the GOP is favored to win.

To ensure as few of them as possible win seats with election oversight power, MoveOn.org's "America for All" midterm campaign strategy is focused on two things: secretaries of state and governors. This effort also includes major Democratic voter outreach to ensure the pro-democracy Democratic candidates win or retain their seats, as well as "vote tripling" (personal outreach to a previous non-voter from someone they know). 

Donate and/or volunteer to get involved in this grassroots effort to stop anti-democracy MAGA candidates from taking over state-level seats of power critical to safeguarding our elections, and, therefore our democracy. 

The Gubernatorial race ratings below are based on Cook Political Report Governor Race Ratings as of October 12th, 2022. Secretary of State race ratings are from a FiveThirtyEight summary published Oct. 11th.

Key Secretaries of State Races

MoveOn has endorsed 5 candidates for Secretary of State: 

TOSS-UP Arizona:  (D) Adrian Fontes vs. (R - Election Denier & former Oath Keeper) State Rep. Mark Finchem (CLOSE race with R Finchem showing 2 point lead - FiveThirtyEight)

TOSS-UP Nevada (Open): (D) Cisco Aguilar vs. (R - Election Denier) Marchant (CLOSEST SoS Race in the Country with R Marchant holding small lead - FiveThirtyEight)

LIKELY D Colorado: (D - Incumbent) Jena Griswold vs. (R - Accepts election results) Pam Anderson (R Anderson way behind on fundraising - FiveThirtyEight)

LIKELY D Michigan: (D) Jocelyn Benson vs. (R - Election Denier) Kristina Karamo (Benson leading by 11 points in recent polls - FiveThirtyEight)

LIKELY R Georgia: (D) Bee Nguyen vs. (R - Incumbent - Defended election results) Brad Raffensperger (Raffensperger has 11 point lead - FiveThirtyEight)


Key Governors Races: 

Candidates MoveOn Endorsed/is Supporting: 

TOSS-UP Arizona (OPEN): (D) Katie Hobbs vs. (R - Election Denier) Kari Lake

TOSS-UP Wisconsin: (D - Incumbent) Tony Evers vs. (R - Endorsed by Trump) Tim Michels

LIKELY D Michigan: (D - Incumbent) Gretchen Whitmer vs. (R - Election Denier) Tudor Dixon

LIKELY D Pennsylvania (OPEN): (D) Josh Shapiro vs. (R - Election Denier & Christian Nationalist) State Sen. Doug Mastriano

LIKELY R Texas: Beto O'Rourke vs. (R - Incumbent) Greg Abbot

LEAN R Georgia: Stacey Abrams vs. (R - Incumbent) Brian Kemp


Other Toss-Up Governor Races: 

Kansas: (D - Incumbent) Laura Kelly vs. (R - Election Denier) Derek Schmidt

Nevada: (D - incumbent) Steve Sisolak vs. (R - Former Sheriff) Joe Lombardo

Oregon (OPEN): (D) Tina Kotek vs. (R) Christine Drazan vs. (I) Betsy Johnson


Other Important Likely R Governor Races:

Florida: (D) Charlie Christ vs. (R - Incumbent & Election Denier) Ron DeSantis


Remember: Voting is not enough. Check out our curated GOTV resources.

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