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IRC_i_stand_with_refugees.jpgThe reality is that we are playing defense now and that means that as activists we must adapt in the moment, much faster than we can alert you to what's going on. It's not the way we would want it but there's no choice but to practice fast-paced "react-ivism" as the Trump administration drops unconstitutional bombshells and blatant lies multiple times a day, every day.

Here at Best of the Left, we’ve believed for a long time that online petitions don’t cut it. We've always needed to work much harder than that to make the change we want and that's never been more true than now. We have to make the effort to go to protests, make the effort to regularly donate to organizations fighting Trump’s agenda, make the effort to seek out our local organizations and chapters and get involved on the ground. We must make the effort to be so plugged in that when the call comes to take action, as it inevitably will, we’re ready and waiting. 

It may be up to the Supreme Court now whether or not Trump’s ban can be reinstated, but public opinion has been shown to have an influence on the court. So, if you want to help the refugees trying to save themselves and their families and immigrants seeking a better life, there is no simple answer, but here are some things you can do:  

You need to make the effort to call your representative and both senators in your state and show up at their town hall events to demand they denounce Trump’s muslim ban. Even if they already have, you need to call them to back them up and let them know they are doing the right thing.

You need to make the effort to find the local chapter of an organization near you that is working to help refugees and is working to fight the Trump muslim ban. There are hundreds of these organizations, but we recommend starting with International Rescue Committee which has program office locations in 29 cities in the United States where you can volunteer. Visit to learn more. And go to to find other local organizations near you that are committed to resisting the Trump agenda. 

You need to make the effort to be in the know. That means signing up to receive email and text alerts from the organizations who are organizing actions and protests in your area. Even better, you can volunteer to help organize those actions. As a heads up, this weekend, the refugee organization HIAS is hosting a National Day of Jewish Action for Refugees with a large action on Sunday, February 12th in New York City’s Battery Park and sister marches in cities across the country on Saturday and Sunday. Go to to learn more.

And finally, if you can, you need to make the effort to donate to the organizations we’ve mentioned today and others, like the American Civil Liberties Union at and Doctors without Boarders at 

We are committed to amplifying effective activism and right now, with the incredible flurry of new resistance projects and efforts, we need your help to keep up. If you have come across an action or a new organization that is doing great work getting people engaged to resist the Trump agenda, please share it with us by emailing [email protected]

So, if making sure America continues to open it’s arms to the refugees and immigrants that have built this country is important to you, be sure to hit the share buttons to spread the word about Fighting Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban via social media so that others in your network can spread the word too. 

Trump and his cronies are waiting for us to get fatigued and roll over. So make a commitment to yourself right now and each day that no matter how many battles we lose, you will not throw your hands up and say the war is not worth it. Justice is always worth it.



Call your Representatives and Senators to demand they denounce Trump's ban & thank those who have: 202-224-3121 (Capitol switchboard number)

Find out if you are near one of the 29 International Rescue Committee program offices in the US and consider volunteering

Explore and donate to the many other organizations supporting refugees and immigrants

Find local groups near you committed to fighting the Trump agenda via Indivisible Guide

Take part in the HIAS National Day of Jewish Action for Refugees the weekend of February 11th and 12th


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Posted February 10, 2017; Written by Best of the Left Communications Director, Amanda Hoffman.


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