Fight North Carolina’s LGBT Discrimination Law via @ACLU_NC and @EqualityNC #NoHateInMyState #WeAreNotThis

The ACLU is calling North Carolina’s House Bill 2 “the most egregious, sweeping, hate-filled anti-LGBT legislation in this country’s history.” Sadly, with it’s passing, we are once again reminded of the typical path our country takes towards justice: two steps forward, one politically motivated, manipulatively hate and fear driven step back.

If that wasn’t bad enough that the new law forces transgender individuals to use bathrooms marked for a gender they do not identify with, it also prevents municipalities from creating new LGBT protections — whether in bathrooms, in public accommodations or at the workplace — and may even make it difficult to sue for discrimination. Now other southern states are trying to follow suite. 

The only way to fight this is to join the growing wave of pressure from citizens, businesses and other state governments, that are calling for the North Carolina General Assembly to reverse the bill when the new legislative session starts in April. 

Businesses and investors are threatening to pull money from the state. Hollywood is saying they will film elsewhere. Activists are calling for a tourism boycott. And $4.5 billion in federal education funding is at risk, since the new law conflicts with the federal non-discrimination law.

So, here are actions from the ACLU and Equality North Carolina that you can and SHOULD take...right now: 

  • Sign the ACLU’s petition to “Repeal the country’s worst anti-LGBT law” at
  • Get involved in supporting the campaigns for progressive candidates running for North Carolina’s state legislature and governorship this November. 
  • Tweet at North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory with your disapproval at @PatMcCroryNC
  • Like and retweet selfies that transgender people are tweeting at @PatMcCroryNC demonstrating how out of place they would be in the wrong bathroom. If you are transgender, consider Tweeting one of yourself.
  • Use the hashtags #NoHateinMyState and #WeAreNotThis on social media. 

And if you live in North Carolina and need LGBT support and resources, call the Campaign for Southern Equality Western North Carolina Trans Support Hotline at 828-237-1323. You can also access Southern Equality’s Google map of all-gender bathrooms across the state of North Carolina on their website at under “Hometown Organizing Project - Fighting back against HB 2.”

So, if fighting institutionalized governmental bullying is important to you, be sure to hit the share buttons to spread the word about the actions to fight HB 2 in North Carolina.

And remember, North Carolina is just one of many places where anti-LGBT legislation is being passed. So, stay vigilant and keep your ear to the ground so that you can take action to stop ignorance and fear from determining the law. 




North Carolina

Sign the ACLU petition to “Repeal the country’s worst anti-LGBT law”:

While you're at it, sign the Human Rights Campaign petition to “Veto Mississippi’s HB 1523 ‘Religious Liberty Accommodations Act’

Tweet at Gov. McCrory to voice your concern: @PatMcCroryNC

Reply to Gov. McCrory’s tweet about passing HB 2

Read about how this bill could hurt Republicans in November & then get involved to make sure it happens!  

Use the hashtags #NoHateinMyState and #WeAreNotThis  

LGBT Resources: 

Campaign for Southern Equality Western North Carolina Trans Support Hotline at 828-237-1323

Campaign for Southern Equality’s map of all-gender bathrooms in North Carolina

Campaign for Southern Equality’s “Everything You Need to Fight HB 2” page

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Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 



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