CFC Keynote: Pain, Passion and Possibility - @ProfTriciaRose

Air Date: 10-29-2013

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  • Q Amos
    commented 2014-03-02 21:17:28 -0500
    I (insert name)
    Am not personally responsible
    For racism, classism, sexism, homophobia,
    or any other vast for of group based discrimination
    Even though I very likely benefit from it
    Therefore I should not feel guilty
    I might feel sadness, empathy, outrage,
    but guilt won’t change anything for the better
    And besides, it only focuses on me
    I did not choose the body, sexual orientation, race, or class position
    into how I came into this world
    What I can choose is how I want to behave
    And whether or not I want to meaningfully contribute
    To creating a just society in light of all I’m learning
    I can determine how I want to live in this world
    And what type of alliances I want to make
    So what I do from this day forward defines who I am
    And for that, I’m responsible
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