#1363 An Education in Individualism (in)Action (Back to School)

Air Date: 9–1-2020

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Today we take a look at the concerns being weighed in the debate over returning to in-person learning as the beginning of the school year gets underway.


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Ch. 1: Trump Push To Reopen Schools: The Last Person We Should Trust With Safety Of Kids - All In with Chris Hayes - Air Date 7-8-20

There are a bunch of problems that have to be solved in order to open schools safely. But the president is incapable of solving them. He just wants them open, so that people can go back to work, and so things can be "normal,” so he can get reelected.

Ch. 2: As COVID Infections Soar, Trump Attacks Dr. Fauci, CDC & Pushes Schools to Reopen at All Costs - Democracy Now - Air Date 7-13-20

As the world and the United States shatter the daily records of COVID-19 infections, President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos continue to push for public schools to reopen in the fall without a plan to adhere to CDC guidelines.

Ch. 3: D.C. Teachers Fight for Distance Learning in the Pandemic - The Intercept - Air Date 8-3-20

After city officials in Washington D.C. weighed a plan to send teachers back to the classroom as part of a hybrid learning plan, the Washington Teachers Union mobilized a week of actions to push for virtual learning in the fall.

Ch. 4: COVID-19 Will Devastate Schools... And Already Is... - Thom Hartmann Program - 8-4-20

After thinking they had COVID-19 under control, Israel reopened only to find out that schools are the perfect playground for such an insidious virus, schools spread to homes, to businesses, and created new epicenters. In America, it could be worse.

Ch. 5: Kids Positive for Coronavirus After ONE DAY in School - David Pakman Show - Air Date 8-7-20

Kids start testing positive for coronavirus after one day back in school as the entire school year is now in question.

Ch. 6: The Long-Brewing Crisis in Higher Education - On the Media - Air Date 8-28-20

Over the past few weeks, colleges and universities across the United States have re-opened for the fall, despite the public health risks associated with doing so. And the risks have borne out

Ch. 7: American civil society is not equipped to deal with a collective problem like Covid-19 - Jacobin Radio Weekends - Air Date 8-8-20

Ana Kasparian and new co-host Nando Vila dunk on the ludicrous arguments for reopening schools.


Ch. 8: Mail-in ballots in Washington don't require a stamp anymore - Kate from Spokane, WA

Ch. 9: The importance of understanding systems protecting themselves - V from Central New York


Ch. 10: Final comments on Yascha Mounk’s incredibly ironic article preaching the importance of defending the falsely accused

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