#1343 Bread and Roses (Socialism is Freedom and Firefighters)

Air Date: 3–10-2020

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Today we take a look at Democratic Socialism and how to explain it because socialism and the freedoms it provides is a lot more American than we tend to think.


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Ch. 1: Democratic Socialism Explained with Spencer Cox - Washington State Indivisible Podcast - Air Date 5-16-19

Spencer Cox discusses what democratic socialism means in action.

Ch. 2: Move Over Socialism Democrats Need to Reclaim the Word "Freedom" - Thom Hartmann - Air Date 3-18-19

Among Democrats, there is a big debate about the word Socialism but should Democrats be talking about the word freedom instead?

Ch. 3: Bernie Sanders' Socialism is As American as The Post Office - The Benjamin Dixon Show - Air Date 1-23-20

Ben Dixon breaks down a clip from MSNBC and what they get wrong about democratic socialism.

Ch. 4: Jackson Mississippi's Socialist Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba - Backstory - Air Date 4-26-19

A conversation with the mayor of a southern town looking to make it the most radical in the nation

Ch. 5: Capitalism vs Socialism - Progressive Faith Sermons - Air Date 9-1-19

"Socialism" has become a political scare word used to frighten voters away from progressive programs intended to expand health care coverage, make higher education available to lower-income families, and to raise the minimum wage to a living wage.

Ch. 6: Who’s Really Afraid of Socialism? - Deconstructed - Air Date 2-6-19

To discuss America’s long-held resistance to socialism and its current rise in popularity, Mehdi Hasan is joined by Washington Post columnist Elizabeth Bruenig.

Ch. 7: Astra Taylor on Socialism, Democracy and Liberalism - Jacobin Radio The Dig with Daniel Denvir - Air Date 7-5-19

The world is changing and we need to make the world work for more people. If we do nothing the world will end, but we have so much to gain. A promised land is just beyond the horizon.

Ch. 8: Talking Democratic Socialism with Bhaskar Sunkara - Hear the Bern - Air Date 6-25-19

Bernie Sanders gives a democratic socialist speech and Bhaskar Sunkara helps break it down.


Ch. 9: Final comments on the lasting effects of propaganda and the coming revolution

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