#1329 Our Longest War Has Been a Lie All Along (The Afghanistan Papers)

Air Date: 1–18-2020

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Today we take a look at The Afghanistan Papers which reveal in stark detail much of what the anti-war movement has known or strongly suspected since the beginning. Going beyond the scope of The Pentagon Papers of the Vietnam War era, The Afghanistan Papers feature interviews and documentation from top-ranking officials admitting from the start that they had no idea what they were doing in Afghanistan.

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Ch. 1: Headlines: The Afghanistan Papers - Democracy Now - Air Date 12-10-19

Breaking the news of The Afghanistan Papers

Ch. 2: The "Pentagon Papers" Of Our Time with Craig Whitlock - On the Media - Air Date 12-20-19

Bob Garfield talks with Craig Whitlock about the Afghanistan Papers and the comparison to the Pentagon Papers.

Ch. 3: They Lied To Us All Along with Danny Sjursen - The Real News with Marc Steiner - Air Date 12-15-19

Marc Steiner talks with Danny Sjursen about the lies of war and the lack of accountability for leadership.

Ch. 4: The Truth About The War In Afghanistan with Craig Whitlock - The Brian Lehrer Show - Air Date 12-16-19

Brian talks with Craig Whitlock about the Afghanistan Papers and the history of the endless war on terror.

Ch. 5: The Afghan Pentagon Papers - The Michael Brooks Show - Air Date 12-14-19

Michael Brooks breaks down the history of the modern military establishment.

Ch. 6: The Afghanistan Papers - Eyes Left with Spenser Rapone and Mike Prysner - Air Date 12-16-19

Spenser and Mike bring context to the Afghanistan Papers and delve into the history of the endless war.

Ch. 7: The Afghanistan Papers with Steven Miles - News Beat with Rashed Mian and Christopher Twarowski - Air Date 12-23-19

An in-depth discussion of the history and corruption of the Afghanistan war.


Ch. 8: I didn't realize I was a socialist - Sarah from Cool, CA

Ch. 9: Balancing policy and identity - Pat from Chicago


Ch. 10: Final comments on making diversity part of our process of learning and growing

Bonus: A Song From US Military Officer In Afghanistan - Eyes Left with Spenser Rapone and Mike Prysner - Air Date 12-16-19

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"Afghanistan War Anniversary", Jayel Aheram on Flickr / License / Changes: Zoomed in and cropped


Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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