#1323 Power to the People: The Future of Public Ownership and Local Control

Air Date: 12–07-2019

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Today we take a look at the reaction to decades of the fetishization of privatization in the form of a reinvigorated movement for public ownership of institutions meant to serve the public such as utilities, banks, train systems and so on. But this isn't your grandfather's top-down public ownership, the new movement has bottom-up, accountable, democratic control of institutions at the very core of its mission.

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Ch. 1: As California Burns Again, Rep. Ro Khanna Calls for PG&E to Become Publicly Owned Utility - Democracy Now - Air Date 10-31-19

PG&E declared bankruptcy amid a number of lawsuits related to the wildfires. We speak with California Congressmember Ro Khanna, who is calling for the California state government to take over control of PG&E.

Ch. 2: When Power Goes Out, Who Is Held Accountable? - Building Local Power - Air Date 10-31-19

PG&E’s negligence and how a distributed energy system could avoid future outages and detrimental fire damage.

Ch. 3: Public Ownership 2.0 - Weekly Economics - Air Date 2-18-19

Public ownership is back on the agenda. But if privatization has failed, what kind of public ownership should replace it?

Ch. 4: From Private Profits to Public Alternatives - The Next System Podcast - Air Date 1-24-19

The conversation runs the gamut from the pitfalls of the privatization of goods and services to the social benefits of public ownership and envisioning democratic governance thereof.

Ch. 5: The Future of Banking - Ralph Nader Radio Hour - Air Date 6-29-19

Ralph welcomes Walt McRee President of Public Banking Associates, who explains how public banks should be the future of banking.

Ch. 6: Trinity Tran on Public Banking - CounterSpin - Air Date 10-11-19

Trinity Tran, co-founder and lead organizer for Public Bank LA and a founding member of the California Public Banking Alliance.

Ch. 7: Who’s Afraid of Public Ownership? - The Laura Flanders Show - Air Date 1-28-19

Laura in conversation with Thomas Hanna, research director at The Democracy Collaborative and author of “Our Common Wealth: The Return of Public Ownership in the United States”.


Ch. 8: Knowing the history of pitching men against the patriarchy - Shannon from The Bronx

Ch. 9: Society going in a good direction - Shannon from The Bronx


Ch. 10: Final comments on building a wholistic feminism

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