#1276 Our built environment shapes society and vice versa

Air Date: 5–28-2019

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Today we take a look at the ways that how we design and fund our towns, cities and housing impacts the quality of life for everyone in society

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Ch. 1: Jeanne Gang: Buildings that blend nature and city - @TEDTalks - Air Date 1-24-17

To learn more about this speaker, find other TEDTalks, and subscribe to this Podcast series, visit www.TED.com Feedback: [email protected]

Ch. 2: 'A new road order': Polarizing planner Janette Sadik-Khan on her vision for an urban revolution - Ideas from CBC - Air Date 1-1-17

Municipal politicians tend to move methodically, gathering support, statistics and consensus before making changes to city streets or building a bike lane. Janette Sadik-Khan makes things happen at breakneck speed.

Ch. 3: Was Suburbia a Terrible Idea? - @DavidPakmanShow - Air Date 11-17-17

James Howard Kunstler, author of "The Geography of Nowhere," "The Long Emergency," "Too Much Magic," and the four-book "World Made By Hand" novel series, joins David to discuss the concept of new urbanism

Ch. 4: Does Vienna's Affordable Housing Model Prove Progressive Policies Right? Richard Wolff - Thom Hartmann - Air Date

If we could move to a system of affordable housing in the image of Vienna's system people would like it so much we would never go back.

Ch. 5: Housing in the Green New Deal - Jacobin Behind the News - Air Date 2-22-19

Housing in the Green New Deal is vague right now, it needs to have much more attention.


Ch. 6: Being "one of the good ones" in the North - V from Central New York

Ch. 7: Racism is a pillar of Southern Culture - Mark from South Carolina

Ch. 8: The racist Obama voter - Jeff from Charlotte, NC


Ch. 9: Final comments on how anti-government ideologues have tricked America into thinking that government is incapable of doing anything well

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